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Accelerate Mobile Page (AMP) Development

Accelerate Mobile Page is an open source library which is developed by Google to maintain a straightforward way to build web pages that are smooth, compelling and load near spontaneously for users. In a mobile device, you might have experienced that static content pages take a lot of load time. Even after the text becomes noticeable the pages continue to load as ads & image come into the display.

The Google AMP Cache is an intermediary based content provides a network which takes your AMP-enable pages, cache them and automatically make few performance optimizations. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are reachable across devices regardless of OS or form factor. Making them the perfect decision for web pages that seen on mobile or tablet.


Reasons to hire Capremint Technologies

Capermint Technologies provides the best solution by using AMP solution through which your mobile page content gets load instantly without compromising on the ad revenues. As Google Partners we are in charge of technological development in the web and mobility sector. We are expert at delivering unblemished Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) that help your businesses provide content smoothly. Our Accelerated Mobile Page Developers help intensely cut down the loading time of web pages, and it's content.

What we offer

Focused Quality

Capermint is dedicated to deliver best quality, value and service to meet our client's need. Quality is a attribute that we appreciate and If you are in search for high-quality IT services, that's where our expertise is at your fingertips.

Accurate Rates

Capermint team always believe in delivering outstanding solution for small to huge projects. We have tailor-made pricing list as per client requirements. At Capermint, we believe in client's satisfaction when it comes to work delivery.

Robust Solutions

We always deliver extra ordinary services to our global clients and we take care of everything related to IT solutions and customer queries. Our such qualities make us different from the competitors.


Why Capermint?

Be it a startups or big company, Capermint provides brilliant tech solutions to the enterprises. As, We believe in prompt solution when it comes to client projects.


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