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Capermint Technologies is a comprehensive mobile app development company in India that develops custom mobile apps according to your requirements. We provide full-stack mobile app development services from developing mobile apps from scratch, to developing apps targeted towards your problem, to migration, upgrade, and maintenance services. Whether it is a simple app or an enterprise-grade complex solution, we deliver the perfect solution for all your needs. 

Capermint Technologies is among the Top Developers in India and therefore we are equipped with all the latest and robust technologies and tools that we leverage to create the perfect solution for your business. Hire Top-notch App Developers in India from Capermint who deliver only excellent solutions without any compromises, and that too at budget-friendly rates.

India's Leading App Developers

Capermint Technologies have rich experience in developing effective iOS and Android mobile apps. Our team provides best-in-class solutions for your business after deeply understanding your needs. The app will be customized and curated towards providing outstanding results. A deep niche research is performed by our team to ensure that your app provides the best ROI. Capermint’s Indian App Developers develop the most beautiful apps that provide the best experience and seamless engagement. 

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Our Mobile App Development Services

Our app developers have experience in developing apps around various niches and industries. With our research-based development process, we fulfill the needs of the business as well as of your customers.

Native Android App Development

With years of experience in developing android mobile apps, our developers can quickly develop secure android apps that suit your requirements. Our developers are prompt in developing android apps for businesses ranging from startups to enterprise-level businesses.

Native iOS App Development

Our iOS developers develop feature-rich, interactive, and secure iOS apps that are capable of fitting in with all your requirements. We have certified and full-stack iOS mobile app developers on board to develop the perfect app for your business.

Cross-platform App Development

Android and iOS, both the platforms are used by a huge number of people, and we do not want you to be caught up in the choice of opting for only one platform and miss the other. With our cross-platform development process, you can have the fruits of all the platforms that you want.

Custom Enterprise App Development

Our full-fledged developers are experts in developing Custom Enterprise App that delivers unparalleled success to your business. The app targets all your business processes and helps in streamlining the entire business.

Wearable App

The dedication, knowledge, and zeal to achieve something new and unique of our developers establish us as a renowned wearable app development company. Our developers focus on developing wearable apps that work flawlessly.


Delivering Apps that Creates a Difference​

The apps we create are known to create a difference. We design and develop apps that address real challenges and opportunities. We consider app development as a core skill and through our agile process, our iOS, and Android mobile app developers ensure the development of productive and fully functional apps for you that can run on multiple platforms.

Capermint Technologies is a team of effective programmers, creative designers, out-of-the-box thinking content writers, and influential analysts, and thus we stand among Top App Developers in India.


We are providing a free consultation for mobile app development.

Area of Expertise in App Development

Our Android App Developers have experience in developing apps around various niches and industries. With our research-based development process, we not only create an app based on your needs, but we also take into consideration what the end-user wants from the app, and therefore we create the most satisfying android apps.

Healthcare and Medical

Digitize your health practices and pharmacy shop with our android app development services and increase your audience reach.

Education and E-learning

Develop a custom app that you can use to provide your students with online lectures, saved learning videos, and problem solving sessions.


Boost your e-commerce business by developing an android app and allow your users to shop from anywhere and anytime.

Social Networking

Develop an entertaining social media app and gain numerous users on your platform with Capermint’s Android app development services.

Media and Entertainment

Our team develops impactful media and entertainment apps using user-friendly UI/UX to keep the audience entertained for hours.

Food and Restaurant

Get rid of third party food delivery apps, and take your business to the next level by directly connecting to your audience.


Digitize your fitness classes and provide online lectures and videos to your students with Capermint’s android app development service.


Take your retail counter online and allow your users to shop from the comfort of their homes with retail android app development.

Travel and Hospitality

Improve the profitability of your travel and hotel service by providing an app to the customers that they can use to engage more effectively with your services.


Sports games include Baseball, Cricket, Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis, and so on. The new entry in sports game is fantasy sports game.


We are Leading Indian App Developers

Whether you require an app to facilitate your business or to start a new one, whether you want a native app or a cross-platform one, our mobile app development services cover it all for you. We make use of robust technologies to deliver cutting-edge, customized mobile solutions for all business needs.


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Our Case Study

With 7+ years of experience in developing mobile apps, we have developed 250+ apps ranging across various industries and genres. Here is a list of some of the best mobile apps developed by our certified developers.

MPTV is a video streaming app for Tanzania and other African countries. MPTV also has a television app that allows users to stream their favorite movies and series on the big screen. The app has 100,000+ downloads, and the number is growing every day. The app is customized to deliver a high-quality video streaming experience on low-speed internet.

Parcel Monkey
Parcel Monkeys is an on-demand delivery solution mobile app. The users just have to enter the pickup and delivery location, and Parcel Money will immediately send the delivery person to fetch the parcel. The users can use the live tracking feature to track the delivery person. The sender-receiver OTP system ensures the delivery safety of your package.

UpTo app is a social media platform that helps the user in meeting new friends who have the same interests and passion as themselves by participating in various types of online and offline meetups. The users can either host a meeting, or they can join one to meet new friends. It is a platform that helps you encounter people with similar interests and hobbies as the user.

Hungry Kart
HungryKart is an on-demand delivery app for various categories like food, groceries, poultry products, medicines, etc. The app can also be used to deliver packages from one place to another. The app is integrated with various payment gateways to facilitate the payment process. The users can use the live track feature to see the exact location of their order.

Carz is a customized taxi booking app for Jordan. The app enables the users to book taxis 24*7 from anywhere. The users can also book the taxi for other passengers by entering their number. The app enables the users to choose between various cars that they can choose from according to their preference. The app also allows live location sharing.


Our App Development Expertise

Our team consists of professional and certified developers who have years of experience in developing apps that provide seamless experience. Using our app development expertise, our team creates practical and effective solutions for you that work smoothly on any device and helps you get the best out of your mobile app.


How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Mobile App in India?

In India, mobile app development can cost around $5,000 to $20,000 for a single platform (Android or iOS) with basic functionality. If you wish to develop a mobile app with all the advanced features and functionalities, with support to multiple platforms, it may cost up to $60,000 in India.


Why wait for mobile app development? Share your project idea with us and rest we will handle everything.


Our App Development Process

Armed with AI, IoT, Blockchain, AR/VR, and many more technologies, we can nurture your idea into an app that can become the next big thing in the app industry. Our motive is to provide the client with the best product that can solve all their problems and can deliver extraordinary results, and to develop the perfect app; we follow the following development process.​


App Requirement Analysis

Our work is to turn your idea into reality. To develop a product that can deliver the results that you want. And in order to do so, we must have a thorough idea of what you actually want. Therefore, our app development process starts from the app requirement analysis, in which we will understand your complete requirement.


Structure & Analysis

Now according to your requirement, we will select the platforms that you should target, the technologies we will use, the functions and features that your app should have, and many other things. We will conduct niche-specific research to find all the features that can be useful to you. At last, we will prepare a demo app to show you how your app will look and feel.


App Development

Mobile app development is a critical task, and therefore we keep an eye on even the smallest tasks and minute details. Our project managers ensure that everything is according to the plan, and nothing is delayed. They will keep you informed throughout the development process. We follow the agile approach to ensure that we deliver your mobile app at the promised time.


Application Testing

No one releases an immature product in the market. As we want to launch only the perfect product in the market, as the app is developed, we will start the testing phase. We run the app on various devices, and through various scenarios, we see if there are any bugs in the app. Once we receive the green light from the testing team, we are ready for the app launch.


Make live

Once you and the testing team are satisfied with the final product, we will make your app live on all the platforms that you want to launch your app on. The review team of the platform will review your app, and once they are satisfied, they will live your app on their app store. We follow all the quality control guidelines before actually making your app live.


Support & Maintenance

To keep something up and running, you have to maintain it, and this is what we do in our last step. We will work on any changes that you want, or if you simply want to upgrade your app. We render support and maintenance to all the apps that we develop. We can also expand this service based on the client’s requirements.


Why Capermint is the Best Mobile App Development Company in India?

Delivering what the client wants will give the client 100% satisfaction, but researching their niche and delivering more than what your client expected will provide more than mere satisfaction. Today, Capermint Technologies is a leading offshore mobile app development company from India, known for the high quality and chartbuster apps that we develop. Here are some of the development features that have helped us in securing a global position.

Seamless Performing Apps

Detailed Analysis

Transparent Communication

Cost-Effective Solutions

Substantial Development process

Immense Experience

End to End Support

Scheduled Delivery

FAQ's About App Development

Yes, our motive is to develop the perfect app for you, and if you wish to keep the project and the process confidential, we do respect the same, and we are happy to sign the NDA.

If you want your app on just a single platform and if you want to have an app in less budget, then a native application is better for you, but if you want to target the audience of all the major platforms, then you should opt for a cross-platform application.

We develop all the types of apps that you can imagine. From a delivery app to an E-commerce app, to a photo editing app, we can develop any kind of app that you want.

It can take around 15-20 weeks to develop and launch your app, however, more time may be needed depending on the requirements.

Mobile apps offer a more personalized and better user experience than mobile websites. The content on mobile apps load faster and it is easy to use the app. A well-designed app acts as a personal shop/help center for the customer.

Of course, the client will own the source code of the app. All the mobile apps that we develop belong to our clients. We assign the appropriate license of the custom code that our developer writes for the app to the client.


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