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Capermint is a 3D character designing studio that designs top-notch and impeccably detailed 3D character models as per the client’s requirements. Our experience and expertise in meeting the client’s character designing requirements makes us one of the most reliable and reputed 3D character design and modeling company.

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3D Animation Character Design Company

Capermint Technologies is among the leading 3D Animation Character Design Companies. With years of experience in this field, our designers can design and deliver appealing characters based on your requirements. Our developers can give life to your imagination. Just share what you want in your character and how you want it to look, and our character designers will design the exact character for you that you had in your mind. Our designers are also experts in designing characters from scratch. We design characters that are a perfect match for your game or animation.​

3D Character Modelling & Design Services

Our 3D designers are very potent, creative, and effective at designing amazing 3D characters. We use the most advanced tools and techniques to develop attractive 3D characters. Here is a list of all the 3D Character Design Services that we offer.


Concept Art

It all starts with the idea of the character that you have. We will understand what you want; then, we will understand the use of the character and the environment in which it is going to be used. Based on this information, we will develop a concept art of the character. The concept of the character will portray all the emotions and characteristics of the character.

3D Animation

A character comes to life by the actions, and when a character does some actions, it is known as animation. We do the rigging of the character to make it suitable fir for your game or animation. We add various animations in character to make sure that it fits perfectly in your world. The animations will be chosen according to the characteristics of the character.

3D Character Modeling

This service includes modelling, unwrapping, texturing, rigging, skinning, and morphing the character, to make the character as detailed and natural as possible. We also add animations to make the character come to life. We will deliver the 3D character based on all your demands and based on the technical requirements.


Environment Creation

Creating a 3D environment for your game or animation requires close attention to detail to set the character’s right mood and audience. Being in this field for years, we understand the dynamics of 3D Environment development, and thanks to the experience, we can develop any environment that you can imagine.

3D Assets Creation

3D Animation has become a huge part of the E-commerce industry nowadays. At Capermint, we provide 3D Asset creation for all types of assets ranging from small electronic products to vehicles for presentation and videos. Along with the background, we can develop a real-like 3D design of your asset.

Our Professional 3D Art Work

Being in this field for years, Capermint Technologies has developed various 3D character models, animations, environments, and assets. Our 3D animations have inspired and entertained millions of users. Here are some of our proud 3D artworks.

Racing Fantasy
Racing Fantasy is an addictive mobile racing game that uses intuitive/accessible controls akin to an endless runner and introduces in skill and timing bonuses to provide experienced players with a competitive racing advantage. The users can select various tracks, environments, and different cars to drive. Customize your car, cruise the streets to find boosters and win the chips.
Racing Fantasy
Maseera Battle
3d Maseera Battle is a festival-inspired game from Arabian Gulf Street festival which helps to play the festive game to replay the happiness with realtime online players or with friends. The mobile game has two significant roles: who will play to hit the moving car by water weapon and earn the points to win the battle. In the battle, one can win who hit at most of the car by weapons and the game will allow the related points to earn the battle.
Maseera Battle
SuperHero 3D
Get ready for some transformers racing. Capermint has created one of the best 3D superhero game ever. You can select one of the four cars, and these cars are not just simple cars, but they are robots. They can be used to use different powers that you collect on the track to use against other players and win the race.
Superhero Racing 3D

Custom 3D Character Design Solution

The 3D design is expanded in many industries, including mobile applications, game applications, animation films, computer-animated films, environments, assets, architecture, props, and many more. At Capermint Technologies, we design and create organic 3D characters, creatures, environments, and assets that are composed and designed to blend in every scene.


We Create Stunning 3D Character

Main gaming character will become a face of your game.

Our 3D Game Development Process

We follow the agile approach to complete all our projects on time and to develop quality work. To ensure that you and the audience love the characters that we developed, we follow this process.


Understand Design Concept

The goal is to design the perfect character, and to do so, we have to first understand what you really want and need. For this, we will first arrange a meeting with you to understand all your requirements. Your references and preferences help us get a deeper knowledge of the characters and designs you need.


Character Modeling

We will present to you different designs and characters that can be suitable according to your explanation. You can choose from the various characters, and you can also ask us to make any changes to the design you want.


Character Sculpting

In this process, we will design the character using 3D animation software, and we will design detailed parts of the character. We will make sure that even the minute details are perfect. We will also add animation to the character.


Final Design

After the sculpting process, now our designers will start designing the final character in 3D animation. They will provide all the necessary textures to the character, and now is the time to color your character. They will help in reflecting the personality of your character to the maximum.


Adding Character Expressions

The expressions play a vital role in depicting what the character is feeling and what it wants to convey. According to the story that you wish to convey via the character, we will add various emotions to the character. The emotions will help in conveying the feeling of the character to your audience.


Final 3D Character Design

Once we have added the expressions to the character, the character development process is completed now. We will add the expressions to the character, and now the character designs are ready to be handed over to you.

Impressive 3D Characters using Vector Designing


How much does it cost to develop a 3D Character Model?

Designing a 3D character model would cost around $1000 to $5000 for a single character model. If you wish to develop a character with all the advanced features and functionalities like face morphing, rigging, muscle rigging, texture set variations, accessories, and more, it may cost up to $12,000.

Here is the general pricing of character design:

Moreover, the cost may differ based on the company that you choose and based on the number of designers that work on the character design.

Our 3D Character Design Service Advantages

We offer various advantages with our 3D Character Development service. These advantages help us stay ahead of our competition and serve our customers in a better way. Advantages of Capermint 3D Character design are as follows.
Outstanding custom design

We provide outstanding custom designs that are designed as per your needs and wants, and the designs portray the exact characteristics that you described.

Expert Team of 3D Designers

Our team of expert, certified, and dedicated 3D designers is the most reliable team to design the perfect 3D animation and characters.

Transparent Communication

We assign a dedicated project manager for all our projects to keep our clients in the loop of everything that is happening around their project.

Smooth Animation
Our 3D animation development process comprises various quality-critical stages, which ensures that the final product you get is a smooth animation that guarantees high performance.
Cost-Effective Solutions
We understand the cut-throat competition that prevails in the market, and therefore we have kept our pricing policy highly flexible that can fit every budget.
End to End Support
You just have to share your idea or what you want; the rest lies to us. From planning, design, adding emotions, we provide end-to-end support for all our projects.

Why Capermint Is The Best For 3D Animation And 3D Character Modeling?


Capermint Technologies is one of the best 3D Animation and 3D Character designing companies that help their clients transform their imagination into 3D characters and animations. We offer best in class service by producing visually realistic and accurate 3D models that will add life to your animation/game. 

We start working on the project only after properly understanding what you need, which helps us produce results that you love. Our 3D character development process helps us deliver perfectly tailored and modeled 3D characters with quality and cost per your expectation.

3D Character Design FAQ's

Character is the link through which the audience connects to the story, and if the character is a protagonist, the character is the one person whose story is taking place in the game/animation and therefore a character is very essential as a medium of connection between the audience and the game/animation.

The character will be delivered in Unity, Maya, or 3D Max format. We will also deliver the source file of the character.

If you have the character sketches ready, or if you have a basic concept of how you want your character to be, you can share that. Otherwise, we can work on a character from scratch too.

We have delivered 100+ 3D modeling of products and therefore we can design and deliver the 3D modeling of your products too.

Of course, we can. We can not only design 3D characters, but also 3D products and 3D environments.

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