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Capermint Technologies is a leading bingo game development company. We provide the best bingo game development services to develop highly engaging games with feature-rich graphics. Hire our skilled bingo game developers who have the desired technical gaming skills to turn your Bingo game into an high-quality Android & iOS Bingo game.
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BINGO Game Development Services

Our BINGO games are designed to grab the attention of users and all the Bingo game enthusiasts. Our Bingo game developers provide the best Bingo game. As a Bingo game developer, we create highly robust and interactive Bingo games for mobile devices and other platforms that are incredibly profitable for your business. We also provide modern and technically advanced Bingo game development services with numerous features and tools.

What is BINGO Game?

A bingo game is a game of probability in which players mark off numbers on cards as they are drawn by a caller. The player who marks off all their numbers wins the game. BINGO game is also known as Housie in many places. It is an incredibly famous Family and a Gambling game at the same time. The game’s origin dates back to the 16th Century, however, it is in the late 19s that the game was renamed the “BINGO” game and became an extremely famous game.

The BINGO game is estimated to be around 490 years old.

Types of BINGO Games

BINGO has been around for decades and the game has been transformed into an extremely popular online game. BINGO game offers a lot of variations, and at Capermint, we provide extensive BINGO game development for the following types of BINGO games.
90 Ball Bingo
75 Ball Bingo
52 Ball Bingo
30 Ball Bingo
80 Ball Bingo
Blackout Bingo
Math Bingo
Death Bingo

Launch BINGO Game!!

And, Create your Own Real-Money BINGO / Tombola CLUB.

Bingo is already a very exciting game, but what if we can increase this excitement furthermore? With this objective, Capermint Technologies merged the Bingo game with the Real Money Genre, and therefore we present to you, the real money Bingo game development. Now winning this game would bring the winner double the happiness, as with the joy of winning, they will also be able to earn money.

Bingo Game Development Features

  • Play online

    Multiple Variations

    We offer multiple BINGO variations in the BINGO game that the users can choose from to play according to their preference.

  • striker-power

    Big Jackpots

    Our BINGO games offer the biggest Jackpot for the players that win the game. Bigger and better jackpots will attract the best users for you.

  • Play with your friends

    Multi-ticket Gameplay

    Multiple tickets can be bought by the players to improve their chances of winning the game. This will also improve the gameplay experience and thrill of the game.

  • Quick Deposit and Withdraw Money

    3D Dice Rolling

    A realistic gaming experience with 3D Dice Rolling. It provides a better fun experience. We provide multiple dice skins too.

  • Game History

    Play online with real money

    Play BINGO using your skills and win to earn real cash. Use your BINGO expertise to earn real money instead of just using it to pass time.

  • Lobby-View

    Play with your friends

    Add your friends to the buddy list and therefore play with them whenever you want. Sync your social media to add more friends.

  • tournaments

    Quick Deposit and Money Withdrawal

    We want you to spend most of your time playing the game, and therefore we develop games that support quick deposits and money withdrawal.

  • Withdraw History

    Game History

    You will get a detailed history of all the games that you have played. It will also have details about the amount that you won/lost in each game.

  • Buddy Live List and Invitation

    Withdraw History

    A detailed history of the money that you have withdrawn is available. You can refer to the list to know when and where you have withdrawn the money.

  • Live Support Feature

    Buddy Live List or Invitation

    As you add friends, you can see them on the buddy list. You can also see who is online and you can also send them an invitation to play with them.

  • Play as a guest feature

    Live support features

    The live support feature lets the players connect to you in just a few clicks. It can be used 24*7 by the players.

  • Facebook/Google/E-mail

    Play as a guest feature

    You can also play the game as a guest if you do not wish to create an account using your email address or any social media account.

  • Phone number and Email

    Facebook/google/email login

    You can simply sign up using your Facebook account/ Google account/ Email address. All your social media friends will be automatically added to your buddy list.

  • Daily Bonus Coins

    Phone number and Email OTP configuration

    In order to get only genuine players in the game, a player has to verify their phone number and email address. The verification would be done via OTP.

  • Serving Ads

    Daily Bonus Coins

    Give the users a reason to use the app every day. What can be better motivation than a bonus? Players will earn a bonus if they log in daily.

  • Smart Notifications

    Smart Notifications

    Smart Notifications allow you to send push notifications to all the users. You can target these notifications to motivate them to play the game now.

  • Anti-Fraud System

    Anti-Fraud System

    We use state-of-the-art security tools and protocols to ensure that the BINGO game that we develop is safe against online frauds.

  • Chat & Voice Functionality

    Chat & Voice Functionality

    We can integrate the advanced real-time voice and chat functionality to make the game more exciting.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    Multiple Payment Options

    We can integrate various payment Gateways including various cards, Paytm, Gpay, Stripe, and many more.

  • Refer & Earn Functionality

    Refer & Earn Functionality

    We have added the refer and earn functionality to the BINGO game that provides a unique invite code to each user and provides easy-to-earn referral money.

  • Serving Ads

    Use Ads to earn more out of your game. Show an Advertisement that will provide the users with a bonus upon seeing the full advertisement. This way it’s a win-win situation.

  • gift

    RNG+ Technology Certification

    Random Number Generator technology means that whenever the number is rolled, the number that shows up is a totally random number. RNG+ Certification ensures fair gameplay in our BINGO games.

More Features

BINGO Game Modes

To keep the game interesting, we have added various modes to the BINGO games. The users can play different modes at different times to be entertained. Here are the different BINGO game modes that we offer.

Admin Control Features for BINGO Game

To make it easy and convenient for you to control and manage your game, we have added various Admin features to the game. Here is a list of features that will help you in controlling and managing your application.
Game settings and management
Gameplay Time Management
Leaderboard Management
Payment & Wallet Management
Chips Management
Reward Point Management
Manage Advertisement
Referral Management

How Much Does it cost to develop a BINGO Game?

BINGO game development would cost around $5000 – $10,000 for a single platform (Android or iOS) with basic functionalities. And if you want to develop a mobile BINGO game with all the advanced features and support multiple mobile platforms will cost higher based on functionalities.

Why Capermint Technologies is the best BINGO Game Development Company?

Capermint Technologies is among the leading BINGO Game Development Companies. With our BINGO game expertise, we have developed various BINGO games and multiple BINGO Variants, with unique and multiple features and functionalities. When you reach us, the first thing that we do is hear your idea and needs, and then we carry on a comprehensive analysis of your idea and niche. We form game plans, and then we share the same with you so that we can plan the perfect product that guarantees high revenue and downloads. Our developers’ talent in adapting to the changing and trending technologies and concepts helps us in developing outstanding BINGO games for you. Some of our leading traits are: