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Beer Travel - Online Food and Drink Application

Beer Travels is a one-stop destination application which tracks your alcohol consumption along with providing you lists of nearby beer bars registered on the app with tagging your friends.


Beer Travels manages to track the consumption of beers, here to decide the ideal state of consumption of beer by the app was one of the major decision to take.

Locating the nearby Bars, by allowing the user to do check in with the friend they are having beer treat and ask others to join them using the platform was also a challenge.

If the consumption of alcohol increases than the ideal state, managing to share the user's details with the emergency contact automatically is a tough algorithm to build.


Beer Travels have the feature of checking in with tagging friends on the app to let people know where the user is. On every order placed by the user, the app measured the alcohol level the beer contains and based on that it alerts the user to not consume more alcohol.

The Bars registered on the app are visible over the map with the knowledge about beers.

In case of more consumption app automatically shares the details of the order with the user location to the emergency number stored in the app.


Development Features

Share knowledge about different kind of Beers
Measures Alcohol Consumption
Map view visibility of nearby Bars
Automatic location and order sharing to the emergency contact
Tagging multiple people
Check-in to Bars
Keep History of past Orders
Tracking of most visited places with Graphical Representation

User Interface Design

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