10 Major Challenges Faced By Mobile App Developers

It’s not an easy task for the developers to develop an app. Mobile app development industry is quite competitive. The app development community is struggling a lot. The ultimate target of the developers is to satisfy the users with rich functional apps.

The developers face many challenges in the entire process of the development. If you are targeted to develop a successful app, then you must be aware of the biggest challenges faced by the developers so that you can focus on those during the development process.

The Major Challenges Faced By Mobile App Developers

1. To Get Your App Noticed

An app is enriched with high impacting and functioning features. The mobile applications must perform fast to satisfy the users. As the competition is high, some other company may have developed a similar mobile app with better features and designs that would have better appreciation in the market. With the latest tech advancements, the developers need to develop the best applications as per the current trend.

To Grab the attention of a user is a very big challenge for many developers. The ultimate solution to this challenge is to create an app with the stunning visuals, intuitive design, and rich functions. The developers must include graphics as well as useful features within the app. The developers must aim to provide an excellent user experience for the app.

2. Do Market Research

A developer must be aware of the ultimate aim of developing an app. After collecting proper information with the help of market research and with the developing knowledge about business requirements, the developer must properly plan and design the app which must overcome the needs of the market as well as for the client.

3. Earn Revenue with Advertising

A killer idea to develop an app is not enough! One of the major challenges faced by the app developers is to get the app funded. Free apps are liked by the users and the download rates are high but sometimes such apps are funded by a number of advertising companies.

This is one of the best ways to earn few bucks from the app as the advertising companies will pay every time when the ads get displayed. Ads are certainly annoying for the users but this is one of the best ways to collect revenue from the app.

4. Developing Apps That Can Work Across Different Devices

The mobile market is loaded with a variety of devices like Smartphone, tablet as well as wearable. It is quite complex for the developers to develop applications for multiple devices as different devices have different specifications. The devices are operated on different operating systems having different screen sizes and screen resolution. Developing responsive apps offers more liquidity which can be adjusted to different formats as well as different screen sizes easily.

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5. Battery Efficient Applications

There are many mobile apps that are quite popular across the world but the major drawback of some of these apps is that these apps consume high battery life. An app which consumes high battery life certainly dissatisfy the user. The developers must develop an app that would consume minimal battery. The integrated features of the app with multiple interaction facilities and high-quality visuals must not get overloaded on the battery or memory of the smart device.

6. Interactive Apps

Interaction is very essential alike a responsive design. The mobile devices which are available in the current market are loaded with high-tech sensors that ensure to offer many opportunities. The developers must give their high efforts to make the best use of the sensors.

Developing interactive apps is a tough work as it requires high effort and time but it is essential. The developers can add tangible interactive features within the app like shaking, tilting and flipping which makes the app to respond as per the position, environment, and direction of the device.

7. Simple And Easy To Use App

If an app is complex and not easy to understand, the users would definitely uninstall it. The app must be developed with simple features and must be easy to use. The functions of the app must be clear to the users as well as to the developers. Providing a brief description, instruction and tutorial with the app would be helpful for the users to learn about the app and its functions.

8. App Content Management

Content management of app is growing rapidly. The apps must be updated with rich contents like images, animations, videos, etc. It is difficult to update such contents as it consumes extensive bandwidth.

As certain technical issues arise while updating content in an existing app, it is better to release a new version of the application. Currently, different systems are available in the market that simplifies the process of app content management. Such system helps in optimizing the bandwidth usage and to deliver reliable content.

9. Features of the App

With the tech advancements, innovation and creativity, the mobile app market has boosted up. The developers must give high efforts to connect the app with the users. It is not just about the functional features of the app but the entire app. The first impression is the last impression. So, it is essential to work on these features from the initial stage. The users must feel comfortable when they use the app. The developers should design the apps with the user-friendly features. Apart from recognizable designs and colours with integrated logos of the brand, the app must be able to attract the user’s attention easily with useful features.

10. App Marketing And Promotion

Marketing and promoting the apps is a major challenge faced by the developers after developing the app. An app becomes successful for 90% of marketing efforts and 10% of development efforts. The developers need to select the right tools for marketing the mobile apps in the best possible ways.

The above-stated points are the biggest challenges faced by the mobile app developers. Addressing these challenges, the developers can make a successful app with guaranteed returns on investment by satisfying the targeted audiences.

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