10 Tips to Start with Virtual Reality Game Development in 2019

Half of 2019 has passed by, and it showed us a lot of innovative technological developments throughout the year.

It is standard now that the world is bound to see several updates in the platforms of development for anything related to mobile, computers, or gaming.

While we talk about game development, we see there is a unique type of craziness spread for virtual reality games across the globe.

People of all age are so much interested in these games that they spend hours playing these games and yet can’t get enough of it.

Thus, from an overview, we can say that it will stay longer with us, and there is a vast future scope in the field of virtual reality game development.

So, if you are an emerging developer clutched in confusion of where to go and which direction to choose or a game development company wondering if you can bring revolutionary progress in the graphs of your progress, this is no late to consider starting with Virtual Reality Game Development.

Today, we write about the top tips to help you with getting started with Virtual Reality Game Development in 2019:

1. Understand The Tools

Understanding the requirement of the tools used is the essential step in starting with any development project, especially when you are planning to develop a game in virtual reality.

There are two most necessary tools to start and must have while developing a Virtual Reality Game.

The easiest to use and most commonly used tool is our very own well-renowned Unity 3D.

The next one coming as our savior and aid us for the best of Virtual Reality Game Development is Unreal Engine.

These tools, initially, were quite different from each other; however, with time, they improved a lot in their ways and now leaving no significant differences.

2. Know Your Language To Program

Because virtual reality game development has got different tools and platforms, we need to learn the relevant programming languages to be able to use these tools efficiently.

If we are using Unity 3D as a tool for development, the language of coding to use will be C#.

While for Unreal Engine, you need to use C++ and Visual Programming Language.

The reason that these tools have different programming languages to use is they play well for different characteristics.

3. Decide The Device For Your Game

Interestingly, Virtual Reality Games come separately for different devices.

If you want to develop a game for a mobile phone, computer or a VR box, you need to decide beforehand as every device has its base.

Thus here, we mention which types of devices support virtual reality games.

– Mobile Phones – Android and iOS
– Gear VR with specific Samsung mobile devices
– Oculus Go with embedded display and external motion controls
– For Computer games
– HTC Vive
– Oculus

4. Get The Kits Your Software Needs For Development

Every software has different guidelines for development and hence, various software development kits, too.

Thus, when we decide which device we plan to develop the game for, we get the idea of the software that will provide the base to our game.

So, we mention here which software development kit will work best for which device-

GVR Development Kit (Google Virtual Reality Development Kit) for Mobile Phones (Android and iOS)
Oculus SDK for Gear VR and Oculus Go, and computer games
– Viewport SDK
for HTC Vive

5. Plan The Type Of Game You Want To Develop

Once you got all the tools, you need to decide the concept of the game you want to build.

Every concept will have a different story and require a different environment.

The story will have a different type of characters and hence, will require a different kind of graphics and effects.

Hence, the type of tools, languages, SDK, and device you will have to use depends on your game’s concept.

Thus, you need to plan the story and concept of the game very carefully to avoid further confusions.

6. Optimize Its Performance

Once you complete developing a part of your game or developed certain functions and features in your game, you need to check its performance.

You need to make sure that on every stage of development, the performance of the game is very smooth.

Hence, you need to keep a check on the performance of your game and optimize it to make it smoother at every stage, in every function and control.

7. Test To Its Best

Once you finish developing the VR game at your end, get it tested from an experienced tester.

Follow the processes for both – Alpha Testing and Beta Testing. Only through testing, you will get the idea of where it is lacking, and you need to improve its features or increase its functionalities or smooth operability.

In a nutshell, you cannot skip the step of testing your game before launching it to use.

8. Know The Publishing Platforms

For every device, there is a different game publishing platform. It is quite apparent, though because most of the tools and basics are different for virtual reality game development.

Here, we have mentioned the names of the platforms one can publish their virtual reality game concerning particular devices –

Google Play Store – VR Game for Android
Apple App Store – VR Game for iPhones
Oculus App Store – VR Games for Gear VR and Oculus Go
Steam – VR Games for Computer

9. Got Stuck? Refer SDK Document

No matter how intelligent and expert we are, we get stuck with things at times. Especially when it is Virtual Reality Game Development, we can surely get stuck with some of the commands for certain features.

Hence, it is advisable to preach the chosen SDK’s reference document.

The reference document is maintained, and there it is mentioned about each and everything a developer would require.

Thus, whenever you feel that you can’t move ahead, you can quickly refer to the SDK reference document and get the solution of all your queries.

10. Keep Your Calm And Persevere

Getting started with Virtual Reality Game Development needs a lot of patience and hard work.

Whether you are a game developer or a game development company, you need to keep your calm through the thick and thin till the time your game finishes getting developed.

You need to continue with the development since it is a long process and patiently focus on each element to give it the best effect and excellent performance ability.

Still seeking to advise with your Virtual Reality Game Development project?

If you are a mobile app development company or a game development company, and you are looking forward to stepping ahead with virtual reality game development, you can either follow above steps to train your developers, hire a VR game developer or partner with a VR Game Development Company having a team holding experience of several years of game development.

It is at the end of your decision to make; however, experience helps you a lot.

Vivek Shah
Author: Vivek Shah
He is the pioneer, motivational speaker, solution provider, MD and CEO of Capermint Technologies Pvt Ltd: A leading Mobile Games & App development company. He believes in crafting creativity with calibre which construct a valuable outcome for the world out there looking for innovation. As a CEO, he likes to help other companies to transform their app ideas into reality.


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