4 Game Character Design Principles for 2018 and Beyond

Any addicted game player knows how they feel attached to certain game characters. Well, game characters often define the playing experience for a game. Almost all successful games stand out because of the look and feel of the game characters.

For a mobile game development company the most challenging thing in creating unique game characters is to avoid the cliche and the visual influence that other game characters unknowingly influence the character designer. This is why it is just one thing to the intricacies of designing a character and designing a unique one that carries the essence of the game.

Character design can be a tricky illustration beast to tackle. You may know how to draw dynamic characters, but designing your character from scratch involves a lot of creative thinking. Although many of the classic characters familiar to us all through cartoons, movies and advertising look simple, that simplicity usually belies the many hours of work that have gone into their a development.

Most accomplished designers agree that one of the most crucial needs for a superb game character design is to maintain simplicity. Surprisingly, some early unique characters could actually be designed because of specific constraints or compulsions. The three-fingered hands of the Mickey Mouse  are an excellent example which the cartoonist designed to produce it more quickly. But this unique character has not only been popular but almost became a cultural symbol of our time.

Keeping the intimidating tasks of game character design in mind we are providing here a few of the most useful tips.

1. Deciding the look and feel about the character

The first principle is to figure out the character design you want to come with. In this respect, it is wise to ask what you want from your character. It is always advisable to think of a design that goes well with the usual nature of the character within a game. There are archetypes of every different character based on the type of game.

Mind the following principles for deciding the look and feel of the game character.

  • Knowing the design preferred by the target audience : You have to come up with a design based on who is going to play the game. Often when you know the audience you are designing the game for, you have a very clear guidance for your help.
  • Whether building 2D or 3D game : Now, a lot of things differ between characters in 2D and 3D games. While many principles just work same, there are also several unique aspects. For 2D and 3D games you need to ensure different effects. 3D character design is a little more challenging, especially human faces.
  • Coming with a Backstory for every character : Before designing you need to come with a backstory for every character that will define the actions and behaviour of every character.
  • Determine where in the game character will game : Depending upon the device and store the mobile game is developed for; you need to design a very befitting design for the gamers of that platform.
  • Learn from other games : Now have a look around and see the type of characters that do good in ideal games of your choice. A game built for kids or teen should have characters with different look and feel. Learn from other successful games of your niche.

2. Design the game-defining unique character

Now that you have a detailed and granular idea of the game characters, it is time to design the unique characters that define a game and game playing experience. Here are some quick to grab tips.

  • Make the character unique and distinct : The character should be not only attention-grabbing but also truly unique and distinct to create a lasting impression in the gamer.
  • Distinct line qualities that tell about the character : The depth of the lines used to draw the characters often tells a lot about the characters. You have an array of your choice ranging from thick, even, soft, round, sharp, uneven and also scratchy lines.
  • Maintain a consistency : When designing characters is also important to maintain a kind of coherence and relational sync among characters. Soldiers in a military attack game should have a consistent look in uniform.

3. Give game characters life

Now, you need to ensure that the characters represent people and certain emotions that are likely in the context. Game characters should have a personality, expression and shape.

  • Personality : The game character should have a be befitting personality that will ultimately help the game player to connect with the game easily.
  • Offer unique shape : The body shape of the character clearly should conform to the personality and what it does.
  • Expression : The most important thing is to create characters with the expression for different occasions. The expressions should conform to the personality besides manifesting reaction.
  • Make use of Exaggeration : Closely related to character expression, exaggeration help characters coming to life and appealing gamers directly.
  • Be particular in colour : Colour also plays a key role in creating the look, feel and personality of the game character. Remember, darker colours always go well with the dubious and villainous character.
  • Give your characters accessories : Accessories is part of a character that defines its location and the kind. The designer needs to be meticulous in maintaining logical conformity.

4. Make the characters push game objectives

Finally, every character should have a clear objective that should drive him through the gaming actions. These objectives should be felt through their appearance and demeanours. Only then a game character can engage the audience and make a memorable gaming experience. Here are some key tips.

  • Keep the design simple : Grandeur is what makes the design complicated and tougher to relate. With a simple and minimalist design of the game character, you can easily push the audience for the next level.
  • A detailed background : To give your game character a clear motivation you need to chalk out a backstory with details like their origin, the way they came, any event that happened in the gameplay, where the characters live, what they do, their preferences, etc.

To conclude, successful mobile app developers in building games give importance to a few other aspects as well. They research real characters to take inspiration for character design. They also look for innovative characters instead of the run-of-the-mill ones. Just as winning game concepts, very memorable characters are also created by out of the box thinking.

Mr. Vivek Shah
Author: Mr. Vivek Shah
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