6 Things To Avoid While Developing An iOS App

Mobile application development has become a buzz in this tech-driven market! With the success of different mobile platforms, companies are targeting the leading mobile platforms to encompass their business and to increase their brand visibility. Among the leading mobile platforms, iOS has a dignified market reputation and a good market share. The success behind the success of iOS powered devices, i.e. iPhone and iPad is due to exclusive iOS applications available on app store.

The Demand of mobile applications has widely influenced the mobile market. Thus, mobile app development industry is growing fast. Growth in demand for mobile application development has made the skilled technicians, programmers and developers to present their creativity and tech-skills in mobile application development.

Get The iOS Application Approved On App Store

With the growing usage of Apple devices and the demands for iOS applications, the skilled technicians need to employ their technical proficiency and best skills for developing iOS apps. The ultimate target of every mobile application developer is to create a rich functional application that would be useful to market the brand as well as to fulfill the various requirements of the end-users.

All mobile applications don’t achieve success and as Apple has specific rules for approving a secured application, the task is quite tough and challenging. There are several common mistakes committed by the programmers sometimes for which the developed applications fail to get the approval. The developers must be aware of the generally committed mistakes and must be avoided those mistakes strictly to get the application approved.

Common Mistakes Committed by iOS Developers That Must Be Avoid

1. Including Dealloc Method

The developers generally forget to include dealloc method in the app development process. Avoiding this method can lead to devastating situations with improper memory management. Dealloc method must be included in each class that can prevent any issues.

2. Ignoring Beta Testing

Developing an iOS application with attractive features is essential. It is essential to develop the application with the functional features. Ignoring beta testing would be the worst move ever for the developers. Beta testers hold a higher position than general iPhone users. The beta testers are the specific group of audiences that are capable of assessing the functionality of the applications. The beta testers offer feedbacks for the applications which are quite useful for improvement of the applications.

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3. Overlooking The Power Of iOS Debugging Tool

There are many developers who underestimate the power of iOS debugging tools. This is indeed a great mistake and must be prevented. Such tools help the developers to identify the reasons behind the system crashes. Learning about the importance of iOS debugging tools, the developers can prevent memory collapse as well.

4. Ignoring The Development Errors

Several errors are committed by the developers during the development process. But ignoring these errors is not advisable! The developers need to deal with a positive approach to not to ignore any of the errors and to address it as solved as soon as possible without testing it properly.

5. Proper Utilization Of NSLog

Overusing NSLog can result in high memory usage. So, usage of NSLog properly is the best option for the developers while debugging the application.

6. Forceful Login Instruction Via Social Media

It is a good option to approach the users to login through their social media but forcing them to do so can have a negative impact, and the users might uninstall the application. The option of social media login must be subtle and standard.

The above featured specific points must be avoided while iOS app development.

Mr. Vivek Shah
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