7 Things to Consider When Designing Apps for Apple Watch

Across the world, mobile apps have found their ultimate way with the Smartphones! With the altering tech trends, the popularity of wearable devices is growing, and the apps have started their journey for getting featured on the wearable devices on the wrists of the users! Apple Watch is indeed the first wearable device from Apple.

The app developers are powered by WatchKit and are well acquainted about the guidelines that are issued by Cupertino-Based Tech Powerhouse which indeed is tough! Recently, new guidelines have been released by the company.

This guideline was from the developers, and as per the perspectives of the designers, there are a number of things that are essential to be considered while designing the apps for Apple Watch. For designing the most impressive Apple Watch applications, these essential factors must be considered by the developers:

1. Simple Navigation

Page Based and Hierarchical are two methods of navigation that is supported by Apple WatchKit. The users are allow to navigate easily between different content pages of the apps easily with the Page Based navigation method. This method allows easy access to the users for simply swiping the pages horizontally.

If the app is designed with simple data and each of the data is not linked directly with the data on other pages, then it is advised to skip the navigation style. On the other hand, the Hierarchical navigation method is the best for presenting the Hierarchical information within the app. This navigation method simplifies the app interactions that are complex.

2. Balancing Holistic, Personal And Lightweight Factors Is Essential

Apple Watch is a wearable device which provides a wide scope for enhancing personal communication. The wearable device is quite closely related to the Internet of things that remove the barriers between the physical objects and the software that turns it to be holistic. The Taptic Engine along the Haptic Feedback of the wearable device allows accessing physical feedback and different alerts.

The vital aspect of the Apple Watch Interface is its lightweight and quick interactions. If it is a short-look notification from which the users get a minimal alert, or it is a brief and compact description that fit on the screen as well as the design of the application must be ideal! The developers must keep the applications short and simple!

3. Integrating Multiple Scopes For Enhancing User Interactions

The Apple Watch is designed to provide extensive scope for enhancing user interaction with the app design. User interaction factor is quite different in the Apple Watch for which it is essential to consider few facts while designing apps for Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is not supportive for the pinches.

Digital Crown in the Apple Watch’s hardware finely tunes up and accelerates the scrolling that easily supports for long pages! The retina display of the Smartwatch also detects the force amount that is applied by the user through fingers. Developers can use this functionality called ‘Force Touch’ for contextual menus. All these can be used for integrating multiple scopes for enhancing user interactions in the app!

4. Glances Are Highly Useful Though Are Optional

Though Glances are optional, these are highly useful for displaying the content in a compact form. This offers a quick view of the essential contents of the app to the users. As these are template based and are not scrollable, the contents are required to get fit on the screen and must get associated with the single action.

5. Shortlist the Essential Notifications

As per the app, selecting the long look and short look notifications is essential. Shortlist the essential notifications depending on the requirement of the app!

6. Use Device Bezel In The Best Way

Device Bezel in the Apple Watch smartly eliminates the margins or any white space within the app. All elements of the app must have enough space for expanding, and the contents must be displayed completely.

7. Select Black As The Background Colour

It is essential to use black colour as the background of the apps for Apple Watch as it is made mandatory by Apple! This would give a magnificent impression of no-screen-edges, and the app would blend perfectly with the device.

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