Comprehensive Guide To Make Money with Taxi App like Uber!

Sometimes before, It was a bit difficult to get the taxi services on time, but nowadays, it has become so easier to hire a taxi service by using the taxi applications. Through taxi app, users can book the cab anytime, according to their need and take services at affordable price. The taxi service providers, pick up & drop facility to the users and overcome the users challenges in the easier way. In the taxi service industry, Uber and Ola get more popular over the world, while other taxi services such as Lyft, Hailo and other famous only in their city and generating good businesses from local users. Thus if you need this kind of application for your business, Capermint Technologies makes an outstanding taxi app which can enable the best possible features such as driver tracking system, user pick and drop tracking system etc. It is a well-designed application that people will love to download the app in their smartphone.

Why Require On-demand taxi Service?

In the initial time, it was challenging task to develop a taxi app for the transportation industry, but after the success the app like Uber, Lyft, Hailo, and ola, on-demand services app provides a simple task to connect passengers and drivers anywhere, anytime. Find here list of challenges that users chase in the past time for taxi services.

  • Lack of Clarity: When you booked offline taxi services, you don’t have any idea about the taxi driver and even you can’t track the driver’s efficiency etc. Thus the lack of clarity, there was highly changes to suffer customer with an unknown drive. It sounds unsafe and builds a negative impression in business.

  • Bad Customer Experience: Due to everything manual processes in Offline Taxi booking system, it contains very time-consuming and unreliable services. It was a time-consuming process, that’s why users need an instant booking system so that they can get real-time updates of pick and drop service. If you can’t fulfill these user’s demand, then you may not grow in your business and lose better customer experience.

Solutions For On-Demand Services App:

There are 3 ways that developers, develop an on-demand services app that can make a profitable business with taxi mobile app services.

Develop Passenger convenience App: When you develop a taxi app like uber, passenger convenience app is must develop for the users. This app must live on play and apple store so that users can install in your mobile phone and hire the good taxi services when they require. In this app, developers built the registration/login system and integrate it with google map. Once the user registers in the app, they can access the driver’s list and check its availability. Thus with the map integrations users an measure the cab distance and then they can pay the amount accordingly.

  • Login/Registration System: Customer can easily login in the app and edit the profile accordingly.

  • Online Booking System: Customer can book the cab online by filtering the location and vehicles types.

  • Communication System: After booking the cab, user get to notify the cab details, and then they can communicate with the Customers easily.

  • Cost Optimization: Users can optimize fare based on KM, Minutes and Location area.

  • Offer & Discount: In the user’s app, admin offers the promo code and offer notification, so that users can take benefits in their rides.

  • Online Payment option: In the user’s app, multiple online payment options available. Thus users can choose any payment option accordingly.

  • Ride Tracking System: Users can track the driver location using the real-time alert notification and map integration.

  • Rating/ Review System: Customer can give the rating to the driver’s behavior and services.

Develop a Driver Application: In the Driver section, you need to develop the registration/login system. After login driver can receive the booking list at nearby areas. After accepting the bookings by drivers, passengers get the confirmation notification that driver is coming for pick-up in few seconds. In this app, drivers can accept or cancel the booking, if he occupied in other services. Thus, in on-demand taxi app, users can do pre-booking for a ride by selection the date, time, & city. After pre-booking, on-demand taxi app send the reminder notification to passengers & drivers that “your booking is scheduled on a specific date”. Find here driver specification list.

  • Login/Registration System: Driver can easily login in the app and update the profile car & license details etc.

  • Notification System: If any booking was done by users, the nearby driver gets the notification alert and reach the customer for services.

  • Navigation system: In the driver app, navigation system available. The driver can navigate the location and reach out to the customer location easily.

  • Keep driver history: In the app, develop the driver history maintenance such as how many rides were done, cancel, and payment history.

  • Communication System: In the app, there is the option to communicate between Driver and user.

Admin Panel Application: This is the master application that designed for taxi business owner. Here business owner can access the driver panel as well as passenger panel. In the admin panel, all the database managed by business owners such as page information, rates, review, language and faq documentations. He can view the drivers rating, review and payment history and access the real-time drive location. Find here list of the specification developed into the admin panel.

  • Users Management: In the admin panel, define the adding, deleting and modification system.

  • Drivers Management: Admin can manage the driver’s app. He can review the driver’s details before approving the driver registration into the app.

  • Vehicle Rate Management: Admin can manage the rates based on vehicle type, KM, and minute. They can define the rates in users App.

  • Users Trip Management: Admin can restrict the area, where driver don’t want to drive and manage the user’s Rides.

  • Bookings Schedule : Admin can view the scheduled booking. Admin can send the notification to users and Driver at nearby area.

  • Promo Code: Admin provides the Promo code to the users for discounts in rides.

  • Tracking System: Admin provides the GPS system to track all the vehicle location on a global basis.

  • Payment option: Admin manage all the payment system and distribute the payment to drivers based on his earning. He can manage the user wallet, driver wallet and total earning.

Create Mobile App Like Uber & Earn Money! On the internet, many users want to know, how to make money with taxi app. Here we are giving you details of how you can develop profitable mobile applications like uber and earn money online. For this, we are defining the all the best features that developed in Uber taxi app. Thus We have done all the research related to this.

  • Dig Out Market Research: Marketing research is the most important part while developing the on-demand taxi application. In this you must research the target audience, what to offers to the audience and how you can leverage through offers. This way you will gain more leads, earn money and get popular globally.

  • Build Revenue Business Model: Before going to develop a taxi, you must prepare the business model, that can generate the revenue and growth into the taxi business app worthwhile. The taxi app business model should be multilingual & user-friendly so that users can easily access the app features into their language. In the taxi app, you must develop the refer and earn system, so that users can share the app between the friends and earn money. With this, you will gain more downloads from referring system.

  • Research Budget For Pick & Drop services: In this competitive time, you must research the budget and then after defining the best budget for pick & drop services. If you keep the low budget for your taxi services, then you will get more leads and generate good revenue from taxi business. You should keep in mind that the budget is very important for good businesses, thus minimum budget help users as well as taxi business service providers.

  • Build Mobile App in Multiple platforms: If you want to earn more from On-demand taxi app, then you must develop the taxi application in multiple platforms such as web, ios, android, and desktop versions. It is required because you might never know from where users can access the application. Thus if you build taxi app on multiple platforms, you will get more chance to earn money with taxi app like Uber.

  • Keep Flexible Design: Beautiful and user-friendly design is the most important fact in application development. If you have poor design, no one will access it. So before implementing the designing process, you have research what color, design, font, and category should be in your application so that users can easily access it. In the app, you must add the search functions and map integration.

  • Develop the Payment System: These days, most of the people using the mobile phone and doing the online transaction for bill payment, shopping etc. It is easy to pay online without carrying the money. Thus, if you develop the payment system in your taxi app, it will be beneficial for you. The user can easily do the payment using the electronic system. Also add the multiple payment options such Paytm, Freecharge, google pay, debit/credit card and more, because most of the people using these payment applications that make them an easy and convenient way to pay online.

  • Build Marketing Strategy: After developed the application, what will be the next steps? Obviously, it’s require marketing strategy, in which you have to prepare the marketing strategy like how and where to promote your business so that people get aware from you taxi application and download the taxi app into their mobile phone. After downloading users can hire the driver according to their needs.

Conclusion: If you are running the transportation business then you must build a taxi app like Uber, ola, & Lyft etc for your business. This will definitely help in your business and generate good revenue for your business. For this, we provide high quality & user-friendly taxi application for your taxi business. We have a highly talented team who understand the user’s requirement and then develop the profitable taxi app for users and drivers. We will develop a completely secure application and deliver the application on time. Our developed application can enhance your taxi business rapidly. for more info check our portfolio.

Mr. Vivek Shah
Author: Mr. Vivek Shah
He is the pioneer, motivational speaker, solution provider, MD and CEO of Capermint Technologies Pvt Ltd: A leading Mobile Games & App development company. He believes in crafting creativity with calibre which construct a valuable outcome for the world out there looking for innovation. As a CEO, he likes to help other companies to transform their app ideas into reality.


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