What Is Content Marketing And How To Use It Effectively For Promoting Your Mobile App?

Getting a Mobile app built is just one part of the battle won; there is still a long way to go, on thinking about all the following topics

  1. How do I bring users on to my app
  2. How do I get people to download my app on regular basis
  3. How do I stop people from uninstalling my app

Usually the solution to the entire list questions can has different parameters, but each one of them has a common link, or as we always say “content is the new king

Content would be used to bring people on to the app, content would be used to make people understand about your app and download it and content only would keep your users on the app and not let them go (or not let them uninstall the mobile app). Most mobile app development companies today integrate some of the content services along with mobile app development, and so do most clients, but they are two completely separate and different aspects of a mobile app development journey. Hence building your app’s good impression or destroying it completely would largely depend on your content policy.

To understand what kind of content can work at what places, it becomes very important to understand what the kinds of content are

  1. Shareable content
  2. Searchable content

A shareable content is the kind of content which makes the user so connected to the connect for having experiences similar to the content or knowing somebody who has had similar experiences as listed in the content. A shareable content provokes the user to share it with somebody they know. We all must have seen certain shareable content pieces such as

5 points that prove you are a real Sherlock fan” or

13 points showing why you should date a guy from marketing

These content pieces compel the user to think of people with whom the title suits the best.

Whereas searchable content allows you to rank better when someone searches for you on a search engine. A Google Search engine usually defines the accurateness of your content based upon the following factors

  1. No. Of times the searched keyword has been used in the content
  2. Relevance of the content based upon the keyword
  3. Number of backlinks linking to the content piece.

Just the way we

Try and balance clutch and accelerator when we start driving a car, our marketing strategies need to maintain a balance between shareable content and searchable content.

Here are some examples of some really amazing strategies used by mobile applications

  1. More shareable and less searchable content strategy by dating apps

Dating apps usually run on stereotypes. The maximum download of a dating app happen by attracting the audience to meet newer people and have a possibility of getting hitched. To bring audience on dating apps, there have been dating app companies that have tried putting up articles such as

13 reasons why dating a gujju girl is an amazing thing

Articles like these not only get people to read it, but also get people to share it with others. It also gets the mobile app company multiple downloads. People start thinking with a perspective that probably via the given app they might end up meeting a “Gujju girl”. Other than dating apps even job portals, matrimonial apps, TV apps such as hotstar or Netflix also use similar kind of a strategy, where shareable content usually plays a more important role than searchable content. They create a short suspense factor, bring the answer in the details of the content and eventually put to get an app download, or keep people hanging around on the app.

  1. A more balanced shareable searchable strategy for on-demand utility apps

A utility app needs to validate user needs against the functionality that it is providing. Like an uber cannot just create a brand using just shareable content, it needs searchable content where people would try and understand what the benefit of travelling in uber is, how does uber really calculate pricing. Uber, Foodpanda and other on demand services need to create searchable content, because a user would start searching using the utility and not using the name of the app. Like you would initially to start off search taxi service or food delivery service in specific locations. Similarly all on-demand apps need to work on searchable content as the consumer goes to a search engine searches for the utility. They also need a back up of a little bit of shareable content as they wish to provide consumers incentive to get on their apps. Such as content telling to use a specific code on the app and get certain attractive discounts. Thus these apps which may be considered under utility apps need to create a balance between shareable content and searchable content.

  1. Completely searchable content strategy

Apps that need to create a repository of data that needs to be provided to the consumer need an extremely lucrative searchable content strategy. Apps such as Gaana.com or quickr.com usually operate on this kind of strategy, where they provide the consumers multiple reasons to use their apps by writing content that makes them the first searched site when any consumer searches for that specific kind of service. Of course the better the repository of data being provided to the consumer the better your search engine ranking, but still over and above that more relevant searchable content would help the app to stay on the top for a longer period of time.

All the three strategies have their own pros and cons. It is completely dependent on your mobile app and where do you usually employ it. A renowned industrialist once said, that no strategy is a bad strategy, they are only half heartedly implemented. Content plays an important role in creating a great image for any mobile app and also helps create engagement of your mobile app with its correct consumers.

Mr. Vivek Shah
Author: Mr. Vivek Shah
He is the pioneer, motivational speaker, solution provider, MD and CEO of Capermint Technologies Pvt Ltd: A leading Mobile Games & App development company. He believes in crafting creativity with calibre which construct a valuable outcome for the world out there looking for innovation. As a CEO, he likes to help other companies to transform their app ideas into reality.

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