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Capermint Technologies is a creative mobile app & game development company based in Canada. With the 3000+ apps/games creation experience, we are providing end-to-end support and maintenance with 100% success ratio.

  1. I am sagar Badaik and I want to learn google digital unlocked course hindi....any suggestion for me?
  2. Thanks for giving opportunity 🥺
  3. Thank you for your valuable content.
  4. please share job opportunities in detail. can a non-technical student get good job after learning Google digital marketing course??
    1. Yes Deblina, after this course non-technical student gets a fresher level opening job. But still, this course is just a basic level course. Digital marketing is a very deep field and many things still need to learn along with this course.
  5. I am very excited to learn programming but i have no money , can i learn programming free
    1. Yes, you can learn programming in free also. There are many resources from where you can learn programming in 100% free. Start from here: Best for beginners.
  6. I want to learn of fundamental by google digital unlocked free .because I am son of a poor farmer . THANK YOU SO MUCH
    1. Google digital unlocked is totally free already.
    1. Yes, you can complete it in 1 month as well, depends on your capturing speed.
  7. This md Osman from Bangladesh Tak naf , I am here to everything. Thanks
  8. I want to learn google digital unlocked for free. What should I do?
    1. Google Digital Unlocked is free only. Go here to start:
  9. Can I learn computer course in this Google digital unlocked
    1. Nup, you can not learn computer courses in Google Digital Unlocked.

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