How much does it cost to Develop Real Estate App Like Zillow or Trulia?

Traditional Real Estate scenario used to revolve around the Real Estate Agent. Party A that wants to sell a property will contact the Real Estate Broker and then the broker will find Party B the buyer to sell the Party A’s property. The whole scenario of real estate was dependent on the broker’s time to visit properties, to rent them, to purchase, or to get prospective customers to visit the properties. Thankfully, that time has drastically shifted.

Mobile phone technology has brought about monumental changes that are revolutionizing how we people shop and how they do business. The benefits of these technologies are endless and people have started being dependent on them and it is increasing day by day.

When the customer can get everything that they want and what they are looking for by just a few clicks on the mobile phone, why will they even want to get up from their couch? Today all the businesses are carried on with one thing in mind and that is – The customer is the king and they should be treated like one. If you want to grow and be successful, the first thing you should focus on is customer success. Give people what they want and in return, you will receive more and loyal customers.

Technology is something you can leverage to be way ahead of the competition. You know that every person has a Smartphone nowadays but do you know that an average person spends around 3-4 hours using their Smartphones and in this 3-4 hours 90% of the time is spent on using mobile apps. You must have heard about the brand name Amazon, they sell everything via their mobile app, the place where people want to shop, and thus their CEO is the world’s richest person. All the businesses need one opportunity to shine, and Jeff Bezos recognized this opportunity and he hit a home run.

The Real Estate scenario is slowly shifting to the modern scene and therefore it is the time for you to have a real estate app for your business. Any business that is not utilizing real estate apps technology is ultimately facing a huge loss. To focus more on why you should have a real estate app, here are some benefits of real estate mobile app development.

Benefits of Real Estate App Development:

1. A Phone App Widens Your Target Audience:

If you want to expand your business and reach a wider audience, the real estate app is the right thing for you. The app can help you display information about property floor plans, prices, and more to your customers.

With this information, potential buyers can easily evaluate deals and find the right house for themselves. Therefore, a majority of home buyers use their mobile phones to search for their perfect house.

By having a real estate app, you can reach these people regardless of your/their location.

2. Buyers can view the Property Remotely:

Nowadays, who has the time to go and visit houses one by one when you can visit them all from your Smartphone. According to the fact, 89% of new home shoppers use mobile search engines for research. A real estate mobile app can enable you to showcase appealing visuals of properties to the buyers in the form of images and videos. You should include images of rooms taken from different angles, videos, and map shots that buyers can use for assessing and understanding the layout and dimensions of the showcased property.

All these will help the buyers in their decision-making process, and thus will increase the possibility of sales. Moreover, this will save yours and the buyer’s time by avoiding visits to houses that the buyer is not interested in. Once the buyer finds the ideal house, you can arrange a meeting there.

3. Communicate with Customers Directly:

Your real estate mobile app is the perfect platform for you to interact with your customers. Customer interaction is very important for any business and using the app, you can interact directly with your customers and give them reasons to opt for your services. It will not only improve the demand for your services but, it will also increase the reliability of your services.

4. Target Customers More Accurately:

When your customers will register on your app, you will get your hands on your customer’s geographical locations, demography, preferences, etc. This will enable you to target customers easily and accurately. You can also send them location specific and sales-driven mobile notifications. It will help you in targeting the customer at the right time and the right location.

5. Brand Promotion:

You want to expand your business and move ahead of your competition, this is possible by providing the best service to your customer and by having a real estate app, you are doing the same. But to do so, your app should extraordinary and distinctive from others.


For this, you should choose the right mobile app development company that can utilize their creative skills and expertise to make a useful app that simplifies the search, consult, and purchase process of the property. A fully-customized app will act as the best tool for feasible branding.

Benefits of Real Estate App for users:

  • A location-based overview of the property.
  • Filter location to find a home in or near specified areas.
  • Option for property selection types.
  • Cost and other related information.
  • Well-defined profile of property dealers.
  • GPS integration to search out nearby homes for rent or purchase.
  • 3D view of properties along with the real visuals.
  • Option for query and assistance for user grievances.

Now that you know that all the benefits of the app for you and the customers, you must be impressed by how much an app can help you in expanding your business. Therefore you must be wanting to develop a Real Estate app for your business. But, before we dive into the answer to the question – What is the cost of Real Estate app development like Zillow and Trulia, here are some must-have features for your Real Estate App:

Must-have Features for a Real Estate App:

1. Database:

From the mere functioning to everything related to the success of the app depends on the integration of the database in your real estate mobile app development process. If you want to keep your users interested in your app, you should ensure that your database is wider and updated.

2. Onboarding:

For the user, the onboarding process is just a useless and boring process. This is all about the first impression. You have to make this process as simple as possible. You should ask the user to enter only the information that will be useful to you. The easier the process is, the greater the chances are for the user not abandoning your app on the first go. It will be really helpful if you can have a social media API integrated for the onboarding stage.

3. Search and filter:

Another most important feature is property identification and filtration, and thus your application should also have it. Your work is to simplify the process and therefore you should aim at adding as many shortlisting features as possible in the platform. This will ultimately help you in delivering a much bigger comfort zone to your end-users, in terms of reliability of your platform.

4. Map:

If you want to ensure that the property seekers reach the right location at the right time, a proper map integration is a must-have feature for your mobile application. This is the way to deliver the perfect app and thus to become the best real estate app. You should aim at integrating a smart map feature in the application show that it can showcase all the vicinity that are available near the property – hospitals, schools, banks, mall, etc.

5. Calendars:

The app should consist of everything in it and thus calendar is also a feature that will come in handy. This helps all the users and you to keep a track of the open house and property buyer/seller meetings.

6. Apartment Details:

An app is useful only when the app can provide all the information about the apartment and the user should feel like they have just visited the apartment. Your platform is useful only if it can provide in-depth insights into every property that is listed on it. From the per sq. ft. area to the locality and contact person details should be clearly mentioned. This will help in increasing your app value in the market.

7. Push Notifications:

Push notification is the function that will help you in connecting with your users. If you use it right, it can definitely help you in increasing your sales. The mobile users always notice the mobile notifications and thus you should use this information to connect and communicate with them. By using push notifications, you will be able to keep the users updated in terms of the message that they receive or price fluctuations and even receive an update on the calendar appointment.


You should also include features like currency converter, forum, and messenger, virtual tools, to make your app the most effective and efficient one.

Many factors come into play while estimating the cost to develop a Real Estate app like Zillow or Trulia, like the number of features, customization of the userface, and so on. To get an accurate estimate for developing the best Real Estate app, make sure that you choose an expert and skilled mobile app development company.

Mr. Vivek Shah
Author: Mr. Vivek Shah
He is the pioneer, motivational speaker, solution provider, MD and CEO of Capermint Technologies Pvt Ltd: A leading Mobile Games & App development company. He believes in crafting creativity with calibre which construct a valuable outcome for the world out there looking for innovation. As a CEO, he likes to help other companies to transform their app ideas into reality.


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