How Taxi Booking Apps like Uber/Ola/Lyft/Gojek Generate Good Business

What is On Demand Taxi Booking App?

In this fast growing life, booking a cab by dialing a provider’s number and sometimes having to queue up for finding one for your destination is undesirable for people. So based on growing competition helps people to launch a new technology in their business which helps them to provide best and comfort services to their customer which ultimately helps them to get popular and generate more revenue.

Using the latest technologies many transport industries starts providing online taxi booking solution to their customer which they can use with their amenity zone is known as On Demand Taxi Booking Service.

As per today’s trend, people are traveling more and more for different reasons like a business trip, holiday trip and many more. Also, people are always in hurry to reach their destination on time, so in today’s trends, taxi booking app plays a paramount role which provides an instant access to the best taxi service and gets a user-friendly experience.

However, in past few years, companies began capitalizing this market and in meantime, several small and gigantic taxi companies proliferated rapidly in the market. There are very few companies who do not get success using on-demand taxi booking service.

Popular Taxi Booking App

Due to a rapidly growing life transportation industry is placing a vital role which makes a very smooth system for people to do online taxi booking using their smartphone. Some of popular on-demand taxi service providers like Uber, Lyft, OLA, Go-jek and many more.

1. Uber:

Uber is one of a most prominent on-demand taxi booking app which provides various multiple services like Private booking, UberPool for multiple riders travelling in the same direction, UberEATS (for food delivery), Uber Health for patients, uber self-driving and many more. Uber started idea by helping passenger to get a ride using their Smartphone. It was first started across San Francisco and now uber is providing services over the world.

2. Lyft:

After Uber, Lyft is another famous taxi booking app which goes popular by providing good services to customers. They become trendy with the idea of offering long distance rides to the students who want to go home during holidays and all folks who needed long-distance transportation services. Due to the demand of this service, many well-known companies started to finance this venture.
Lyft has put passenger safety in priority by giving professional training and have adhere to some strict rules for the drives who work in tandem with Lyft.

Firstly, lyft has started only Long distance taxi booking service then after some period of time, increasing demand of customer Lyft started also started short distance service which helps them to get more beloved and is valued at US$15.1 billion, as of summer 2018.

Now a days apart from Lyft, Uber like booking app there are many other apps which are becoming popular, such as:

3. Careem:

Careem has started an online taxi booking app in the middle east to provide a solution to a real and pressing problem facing the lack of mobility in the middle east. Careem achieved success in the short-term by providing valuable taxi booking service to all his customers. The reason behind turning this short-term success into long-term is that they most often call institutions are hospitals and universities, which are their two core elements: service to humanity and the search for the truth.

At present its operation is over 100 cities and 14 countries with 14 million riders and 558,800 drivers were breached. Another most superb thing about careem is that they are hiring and have announce to hire 20,000 women by the year 2020

4. Go-Jek:

Go-jek was started as motorcycle taxi booking app with 20 motorbike drivers. Go-Jek is popular in serving multiple on demand services like transport, logistics, food delivery, grocery delivery, shopping, ticket selling, medicine delivery and many more at one point.

As per 2018 survey’s it offers 18 app based on demand services i.e. transportation (GO-RIDE, GO-CAR, GO-BLUEBIRD), logistics (GO-SEND and GO-BOX), food delivery service (GO-FOOD), grocery delivery service (GO-MART), shopping delivery service (GO-SHOP), entertainment ticket selling service (GO-TIX), medicine delivery service (GO-MED), massage service (GO-MASSAGE), beauty service (GO-GLAM), professional cleaning service (GO-CLEAN), automotive solutions (GO-AUTO), digital payment and e-Wallet (GO-PAY), bill payment (GO-BILLS), phone credits top-up (GO-PULSA), and loyalty points (GO-POINTS)

How to generate good business (like Uber taxi booking app) using online booking app?

In this digital world which plays an essential role in building our lives productive and simpler with a simple move, we can conquer many things. And using the latest technologies people are finding an way to make their life smooth & easy by doing online shopping, taxi booking, service booking and many more with some clicks from their place.

When we talk about the transportation industry, it is growing fast due to demand for more online taxi booking app. The leading transport industries in the taxi booking business are swiftly exploring all new ways of capturing more customers and increasing their profit, but still, the doors are wide open in the world of taxi booking business. Let’s have a look at some of the important features and propositions of taxi app:

a) Instant and Easy Booking:

Customer will always prefer a service where they get instant and good result. So you have to hire a good and trained driver, so a customer can get a experienced driver in their area during booking. Give your customer option to choose the car as per their requirement instead of providing a boring yellow taxi.

As per a survey, many customers are doing complaint about bad conversation with your operator and driver. This may cause a problem in increasing your business, so ensure to train your operator and driver to do proper communication and provide accurate arrival time.

b) Driver Benefits:

If you want to increase your taxi business like Uber, Lyft than driver benefits are also the most important. Before hiring any driver cross verify their documents, so you should only work with those drivers, who are committed towards their job and don’t mind getting for it highly.

After hiring a driver, you can also keep an eye on that driver, by reviewing feedback the driver got from the customer.

Let’s take a real-life success store of some taxi booking app:

1) Uber:

Uber has started online taxi booking service from a single city i.e. San Francisco and now Uber is a global behemoth and one of Silicon Valley’s most successful company serving in more than 300 cities worldwide with a number of passengers and drivers. Another success is revenue generation i.e. $68 billion in the year 2017. This is because Uber provides safe and comfort services to their customer and also helpful to many drivers.

2) Lyft:

Lyft has started an online taxi booking service from the same city i.e. San Francisco from where Uber has started their on-demand taxi booking service. So the uber is biggest competitors of Lyft. So Lyft implemented some different idea and got success by implementing an idea which is not supported by Uber and i.e. long distance ride. Lyft surpassed $1 billion in revenue.

Every popular company gets success along with generated good revenue due to their service and a good investment. So not even small companies, but also giant organizations need a good investment to run their business. In an on-demand taxi booking service Uber is one of a most popular company and According to Bloomberg, SoftBank, along with Dragoneer Investment Group and General Atlantic, will directly invest $1 billion into Uber.

3) Go-jek:

Go-jek started motorcycle riding service in 2010 with 20 drivers thinking that in Bali instead of taxi motorcycle will be an easy way to reach people. Go-jek has exceed to 1 million drivers from 20 drivers and offers 18 app-based on-demand services.

By 2018, two of Indonesia’s biggest and highly reputable companies, PT Astra International Tbk, and PT Global Digital Niaga (GDN), a subsidiary of PT Global Digital Prima (GDP) Ventures, Djarum group investment company along with US search firm, Google invested in GO-JEK.

Feature list of a taxi booking app:

Here is some basic and advanced level of feature listing for on-demand taxi booking app:


  • Pick up and Destination Address
  • See estimated time of taxi arrival
  • Scheduled Booking
  • Cab confirmation
  • Transparent booking process
  • Flexible vehicle options
  • Trip/Cab tracking
  • Automatic fare calculation
  • Automated e-receipts
  • SOS (for emergency)
  • Trip/Cab Real-time tracking
  • Driver details and reviews


  • Vehicle and Driver confirmation
  • Vehicle Tracking System (GPS)
  • Flexible vehicle options
  • Automated e-receipts
  • Scheduled bookings
  • Automatic fare calculation
  • Route Selection
  • SOS Contacts
  • Rider reviews


  • Passenger Management
  • Driver Management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Complaint Management
  • Trip/Cab tracking
  • Vehicle Tracking System (GPS)
  • Flexible payment options
  • Trip management
  • Revenue management
  • Track daily reports & transactions
  • Geo-location boundary settings
  • See arrival & departure time of taxis
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Driver Wise Commission

Ways To Make Your Business Stand Out In A Crowd Of Competitors:

In a world where the competition regularly claims to be #1, it’s difficult to differentiate and build your own identity. Difficult, but not impossible. Look at big brand like Lyft, Uber like booking app which has covered wide area in the transport industry. Effective differentiation is one of the main challenges small businesses face, as they are forced to compete against big companies.

Here are some ways which will help you to outshine from your competitors:

1) Provide Legendary Customer Service:

Customer service is an influential step for growing business for a long term. All type of customers has an expectation to get good service without waiting for a long line or getting poor responses from customer support representatives. Customers are always remaining happy with your service if their queries get solved in a good manner. So hire or train your customer support representative with high-level skills.

2) Admit Mistakes and Fix Problems to Build Stronger Relationships:

As we all know that bad news/feedback spreads faster than good news/feedback like wildfire through social media and word of mouth. And it is also another true fact that no business will grow without implementing the latest technologies in their business and make mistakes. But the significant part is you need to be on top of your game to improve the customer experience, sometimes by going far out of your way.

3) Implement different idea in your app/website from competitors:

As we all know that bad news/feedback spreads faster than good news/feedback like wildfire through social media and word of mouth. And it is also another true fact that no business will grow without implementing the latest technologies in their business and make mistakes. But the significant part is you need to be on top of your game to improve the customer experience, sometimes by going far out of your way.

A driver will also think to get other benefits apart from getting a commission. So you can implement MLM structure for driver also along with the user.

i) As all user need to get safe and comfortable service along with it they also need to get a free ride or get a ride at the cheapest price, so you can provide feature AD PROMOTION where a user can get some points/credits by watching videos and can use that credit while riding.

ii) You can also implement different types of Short & Long rides for a user like:

a) Solo/Private Ride

b) Share Ride

c) Share Ride (where pick-up and drop off point will be the same).

A user can also send a parcel which will work similarly as user ride

iii) You as a business owner can also generate more revenue through AD PROMOTION, where different brands will contact you to promote their business through your app

4) Be honest with your business:

Honesty is not just the best policy, but it should be your main policy. For an example: If there is some problem with your system while booking let your customer knows about this before they face this problem and make sure that you provide an alternative solution for this. Through this, your customer will respect you and will use your service for a long term.

We have delivered many successful taxi booking app like Uber, Careem, with many other new features, here are some of our recent launched taxi booking app:

1) Shofor


Shofor user side app

Shofor driver side app

2) Go-Hoota


Go-hoota user side

Go-hoota driver side


Go-hoota user side

Go-hoota driver side

3) HappiiRide


Hapiiride User side App

Happiiride driver side app


Happiiride User side app

Happiiride Driver side app

4) Muluh Ride


Muluhride user side

Muluhride driver side


Muluhride User side

Muluhride driver side

5) Ajra


Ajra user side app

Ajra driver side app


Ajra user side app

Ajra driver side app

Our main focus is to deliver quantity work on committed time, if you are looking for a taxi booking app with more innovative idea, kindly contact us on [email protected] and you can also contact us via WhatsApp on +91-992-523-4106 or on Skype : caperminttech. We would be glad to share an best idea with you which will definitely help in increasing your business. We have an experienced team who will serve you best from starting to end and will be glad to provide you long term maintenance support.

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