The Unforgettable Aspects of Effective Mobile App Design

Your business mobile app is the representation of your business brand telling the users how you are completely accessible for them.

It is a mirror for the users to look into your brand, to understand it and to keep on using your offerings.

However, people make mistakes while designing their mobile app and it, somehow, somewhere, fails to portray their business brand correctly in front of users.

Similar to every technique, mobile app design has got some essentials which should not be avoided while designing a mobile application.

Here, we spot the lights on some of these unforgettable aspects of mobile app design to make the desired impact you want.

1. Let your app design do the talking

We are all aware of our audience’s search for the purpose in things.

It is obvious if they are downloading a mobile app, they are looking for an immediate and an ultimate solution to their problem.

They are already confused in finding what’s right and what’s not, and in the meanwhile, they come across a mobile app, which they to see as the end of their search, but alas, to their disappointment, they add up to another knot in the tangle.

Why does a user need to solve a jigsaw puzzle understanding a mobile app when it should be a solution?
I mean, they are investing their precious mobile storage for a purpose, why should they be downloading something which ends up confusing them about its purpose.

Hence, the most important aspect of mobile app design is, to let it showcase the value proposition.

Let your mobile app design declare for itself about its usage, its features, the purpose of its usefulness, how it benefits users and what can it do.

Nobody likes to take an unknown dive in a mobile app just being mesmerized by its fancy design, rather they would choose a mobile app which is designed simple but explains the purpose.

2. Design the logo to design the affluence of your brand

A mobile app is separated from another one only by its logo.

On the app store, there are millions of mobile apps serving in the same category competing with each other to get the maximum downloads and happy users.

What differentiates your mobile app from the one next to yours is your logo.

This logo establishes your brand in the minds of the users.

The logo showcases the brand’s name, purpose and the category of the business.

So, you need to design the logo of your mobile app in a way that it showcases its usage, the user should be able to identify your app’s purpose by looking at the logo itself.

Some suggestions to design an efficient brand logo: you can design it based on the name of your organization, the category your business deals in or you can design it based on the purpose the app serves if you deal in multiple categories of businesses.

This will clarify the picture in the minds of the users before downloading your business mobile app.

3. Make it load quickly

When we write and read about the user experience and interface design, this is the most important aspect to be included as it cannot be avoided in any era.

Since ancient times of website design, we have seen people make blunders where they build heavy graphical design and it takes ages to load a single page.

One thing we need to understand, our mobile app must be artistic; but, it should not be piling up minutes in the user’s waiting time.

In today’s world, we can find art anywhere and everywhere; the question of why anyone would use our mobile app is, how quick and useful our artistic app is?

Using the graphics those look appealing but at the end increase the mobile app’s load time, are a failure for the complete mobile app design.

We know this that even the app stores don’t recommend the mobile apps that have a high load time in their design.

Thus, make it elegant yet the fastest.

4. Graphics, not Text

With this fast-growing world, people hardly have time to read anything.
Especially when it is something which is not of their interest, to begin with, they don’t bother to pay heed to it.

Similarly, it is the scenario with the mobile app design.

People want to quickly understand what a particular feature is for, what the news in their industry is, what does a story want to say.

They judge these things by the way they are represented and they get attracted to it more when the graphics tell them the story.

A graphical representation will keep the user attached to your application and will interest them to dig more about the story behind.

However, you should not forget the point number. 3 while designing one for your mobile app.

5. Follow the Thumb rule

We have heard this many times, a mobile should enable the user to experience the minimum of the use of their hands.

The more compact a mobile app design is, the more it is closer to the use of the user.

By the thumb rule over here, we mean, designing your mobile app which can be explored by the thumb of the user.

They have their hands clung onto their mobile phone; however, they want to use their other hand for some other task. Let them do that.

Prepare the mobile app design that fits well for the user’s thumb.

Make it a rule to fit the most important features in the central part which can be easily covered by the thumb, then the less important features to a bit farther space where the thumb needs to be stretched a bit and avoid adding anything in the extreme corners of the screen.

6. Match the interfaces on Web as well as App

If you have a business website and have been interacting with your users over there since ages, it will be a gift for them when you launch a mobile app for their use.

However, when you design it in an all-new pattern, they might get confused with the interface which can bring down the brand image because of the uneasiness your users face.

They may end up uninstalling your mobile app, may return to your website or simply move away without a word from your business list.

To avoid this scenario, you must consider keeping the interfaces on your mobile app similar to that on your website.

The business mobile app should behave like a mobile version of your website but in a more compact, comfortable and efficient way.

You can consider bringing minor changes from time to time in your website as well as the mobile app to make the user get adapted to using that change and at the end, you may end up reviving your website and app in the way you wished.

Did you forget something?

Art isn’t a work for the scholars, it is a work from the scholars for the unwise.
Always consider keeping your artistic design stupid simple for your users; because it is not for you, it is for your users.

Ask a child or old man to use it and work from their point of view, it will never fail you because if they can understand your design, anyone in the world can understand it.

Mr. Vivek Shah
Author: Mr. Vivek Shah
He is the pioneer, motivational speaker, solution provider, MD and CEO of Capermint Technologies Pvt Ltd: A leading Mobile Games & App development company. He believes in crafting creativity with calibre which construct a valuable outcome for the world out there looking for innovation. As a CEO, he likes to help other companies to transform their app ideas into reality.

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