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Internet as we all know it is the way humans connect/talk to each other.. but the visionaries of the world did not stop at that point and thought how can we make a medium where even different things like computer, refrigerator and tv connect with each other. And that’s how began the glorious era of ‘internet of things’.. internet of things is a medium created for communication of multiple disconnected devices.

Internet has already changed our lives and those are the same expectations we have from internet of things.. it won’t be just revolutionary, it will be mind boggling , and life changing here are a few test cases why things that you wear or own or consume need to be connected with other things

  • Makes it easy to control multiple devices from one interface – let’s say you got up late for office.. now you are hurrying you set up milk on stove, clothes in the washing machine and got ready and left.. now imagine if all of these things are commonly connected to your mobile phone.. bow you can shut your products off with your mobile phone as soon as a process is done. Even if you left a tube light on you can turn it off just by using your fingertips
  • Makes it easier to send notifications – medical issues can happen at any time, how would it feel to get your parent’s Fitbit connected directly to your family doctor’s and your phone.. you receive immediate notifications the moment your parent runs too quick or has any health hazard.. the devices can also talk whenever there is any form of burglary happens, or in time of any catastrophic event.
  • Making it easier to understand and save more money –let’s say you understand that your ac consumes least amount of electricity when it is running at a temperature of 23 degrees and the ac turns itself on and off depending upon the room temperature.. this kind of technology can help you analyze power consumption, and gives you possibility of implementing measures for reducing running costs of high end devices

These are implications of internet of things as consumers, but how are internet of things useful as businesses

  • For immediate clarity on location of resources – it can help transport companies track where are the vehicles they sent, and how have they performed, if there are any ad hoc consignments they could be accomplished without any ad on costs. It can help taxi companies control selection of taxis on which taxi should go where depending upon the direction.. it can help and improve productivity of your sales teams
  • Avoid man made catastrophe – large boilers or machines operating with very highly latent fuels or chemicals need continuous monitoring.. a minute away from the machine and it can lead to tragedies.. and continuously putting man made monitors have issues of absenteeism or late reporting.. iot keeps complete accurate track, we can also set up algorithms to control the way these large machines operate
  • Creating a long term health chart – if the hospital machines could talk to each other and then can keep a track of all the records. A person with kidney issues can in future have implications on his/her heart.. but if all the records are tracked on regular basis we can generate insights where we can understand the patterns on how does a heart react when the person is already suffering from kidney issues. Iot could solve this problem by monitoring a heart rate monitor with a dialysis device and putting up both the data on a common platform.. iot technologies also work great with wearable devices.. learn more about how wearables devices get connected to iot platforms here (Samsung Gear IconX : All New Wireless Fitness Earbuds for Fitness Freaks)

There are million more things that iot can do for businesses, iot would in future definitely solve all the problems that are getting created owing to a world of disconnected devices.. owing to the lack of knowledge about iot.. there are still lot of misconceptions about internet of things in the market.. you can understand about these myths here : Top 5 Myths About IoT App Development. we at Capermint technologies have been working on quite a few iot applications have developed some amazing iot applications which are even currently solving problems in life of people.. to know more about the iot apps check us out here Capermint portfolio to understand more about how quickly can you get your iot app up and running just send us a hello at [email protected]

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