Launch Your Game for Your Business Brand | UGGO Drinks Case Study

Advertisement, Promotion, and Brand Awareness has come a long way and through various transformations. Brand Awareness started with the local voice-to-voice spread by customers, then billboards and newspapers, then TV Advertisements, and now advertisement, promotion, and brand awareness have become a part of the online world.

Now we see advertisements and promos online. They are all over the apps that we use.

But besides Advertisement, what is the alternative for providing a deeper experience for brand awareness and promotion?

The simple answer here is adopting the game strategy.

With the same thinking, UGGO drinks reached Capermint Technologies to develop a game for their brand.

UGGO Drinks

UGGO is a refreshing drink manufacturing company that offers 8 different soft drinks that will leave you amazed by the surprising flavors that it offers.

Their branding team suggested them to create a game that they can release for the market presence.

Using a game for Market Presence

The place that people most visit in today’s world is the Digital World. Now the question is how to capitalize on your marketing and advertisement in this world?

The most downloaded type of apps today are the game apps, and therefore this should be your target. Therefore the mobile game is what the brands should target.

According to Neilsen, today’s users spend 27% of their time playing mobile games. Moreover, the mobile gaming industry is a huge revenue-generating industry and is expected to reach $40 billion in revenue in a few years.

Benefits of using a mobile game

  • You can create a new world for your brand.
  • Display your product or service in a more effective way.
  • Pass your brand’s message or value.
  • A game can capture the attention of the users for a much longer period.
  • The person that likes your game more than likely to buy your product or service.



UGGO is a drink. A drink is best enjoyed after you are really thirsty. Therefore at Capermint, we tried to think of a game that can be related to this factor.

After thoroughly thinking of what can bet the best game for this product, we finally thought of going with a running game, as running will make you thirsty. Therefore we develop a running game, inspired by Subway Surfer. In this game, the player has to run for their life and collect UGGO Drinks to earn points.

After playing the game, you will definitely feel thirsty, and in your mind, there will be no other drink that you would want to drink more than the UGGO Drink.

Even if the user is not able to buy and drink the UGGO Drink, they know what is UGGO drink and therefore a game can work for marketing and as well as for brand awareness.

Let’s check some other brand companies and their games examples.

Real Brands Games Examples

Real Brand’s Games Examples

Various brands are developing games, but, as this strategy is still new, there are very few brands using this, and hence, this is the right time to use this strategy and capitalize. Here are some brands and their mobile games:

Porsche – Need For Speed

As Porsche is known for manufacturing cars that are really fast, they chose a racing game to promote their brand.

Red Bull – Bike Unchained

Red bull is an energy drink. As you require great energy to dirt bike race, Red bull has developed the Bike Unchained game to promote their drink as an energy booster drink.

Oreo – Oreo: Twist, Lick, Dunk

Oreo is a cream biscuit that uses the line Twist, Lick, Dunk, to promote the biscuit. Orea has developed a fruit ninja style game, where the objective is to separate the biscuit mid-air and dump it in the glass of milk. When you play the game, you will have an urge to eat Oreo.

These all brands have launched their brand games as a marketing strategy and every brand got a tremendous response with incremental heavy market impressions.

How UGGO Drink find out about capermint?

They searched for a game development platform and found Capermint to be good enough to be trusted for their UGGO game development project. They inquired through Capermint site and in just a little time, Capermint was already developing their game.

What is the impact of the UGGO Game on UGGO Drinks?

Just about a few weeks after the game released, UGGO Drinks contacted Capermint Technologies to deliver the great news about the results of the UGGO Game. They got a full fledged social media presence across the globe. Their energy drink’s branding team found many good vendors due to the new way of their product presentation. They were really happy with the game and the results that it produced.

The game has thousands of downloads and it proved to be a great medium to increase the brand awareness of UGGO Drinks. After the launch of the game, their revenue sky-rocketed by almost 120%.

Launch Your Game for Your Business Brand

Get a Game Developed by Capermint for Your Business

Being a prominent leader in developing mobile games, we can develop and target the mobile game to your brand strategy. Our creative heads will understand your brand message and according to that, they will prepare a game story or concept targeted towards your brand’s message. We have stepped into brand-based game development. Our goal is to become the number one game developer in this niche.

UGGO The Game is one of the brand games that we have developed and it has been a huge hit. If you are looking to develop a game for your brand to increase your brand awareness and engagement, Capermint Technology is eagerly waiting to help you.

Mr. Vivek Shah
Author: Mr. Vivek Shah
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