Mobile App Development – A Boon To Healthcare Industry

The development of healthcare industry brought hope for millions out there. It supports to save several lives daily and raise confidence amongst people to live healthily.

Whereas, we can see the growth of mobile app development has offered as a technology. It provides scopes for businesses as well as users to view and ease their life from different dimensions.

Nowadays, the healthcare industry is looking forward to technologies that prove to be user-friendly and ease their tasks of treating patients, and in such a scenario, mobile app development comes as a blessing to the industry.

We might think how can a mobile app help in the healthcare industry, whereas many of us believe this fact and are using one of its inventions.

Thus, today, we bring here a small list explaining how can this technology help the entire healthcare industry in revolutionizing patient care and their operations.

Mobile app development in the Healthcare Industry

– Pharmacy reaching out to patients

With the enhancement and collaboration of eCommerce with the technology of mobile app development, the pharmacy stores have got an opportunity to spread their business vast and wide by sending pharmacy at doorsteps of patients.

The Pharmacy apps help users order the medicines based on their prescriptions and with the help of GPS navigation, it sends the medication to the patient’s house.

This facility gives the hospitals as well an opportunity to engage more with patients and grow their business through pharmacy service.

– Doctor consultation reaching remote places

Many times, we are stuck in a place which is far away from the hospital, and we suffer from severe pain and fever.

At such times, it is difficult to drive to a miles away hospital and similarly for a doctor to reach us physically.

Thus, a mobile app can connect the patient with a doctor within a few minutes, and they can discuss the symptoms, and the doctor can prescribe the medicines to the patient.

Moreover, in cases where the patients seek the doctor’s advice for critical diseases or surgeries and can’t afford or manage to go to that doctor overseas; the doctor can be connected through a mobile app and help with the operation or treatment collaborating with the local doctor with the speciality.

– Fitness on Fingertips

In this generation, people have less time for themselves from what they have to fulfil their boss’ hobbies. In such scenarios, it becomes quite challenging to maintain their fitness.

Thus, many fitness instructors help their clients to keep on their health through a mobile app.

The user has to download and register on the app, mention basics about their health such as whether they have diabetes, they had any recent surgery or any past illnesses and details of a similar kind, and select the detailed plan for themselves.

They get sessions from professionals every day on their scheduled time and tips on what to eat, how to eat, and how much to eat.

This practice helps them keep a note on their health and remain fit no matter how hectic their work schedule is.

– Record Maintenance became a breeze

Maintaining hospital records is another headache for everyone, be it the hospital staff or the patient.

With the introduction of Blockchain in mobile app development, the healthcare industry has got an exposure to store documents online and access easily as and when needed.

Thus, the patient does not need to keep roaming with a pile of papers everywhere with a fear that it may get lost or any confidential information may get leaked.

– Get appointments scheduled without wasting time

A few years back, patients did not have any facility to check the doctor’s schedule and book an appointment for themselves.

With the collaboration of mobile app development with the healthcare industry, the patients now get a chance to check the doctor’s schedule in advance, and they can place the appointment for themselves in the empty slot suiting their schedule.

Earlier, patients had to visit the hospital or the clinic to check the schedule and place the appointment for themselves and even after taking the date, they had to wait for long for their turn to meet the doctor.

Thanks to mobile app development, it has taken away this hassle from both, the patients and the hospitals as well.

– Bill Payment without standing in queues

Bill payment is a crucial part of the healthcare industry. Both the parties suffer equally because of missing the bill due dates.

However, even if the patient has the money, they have to wait in long queues, which is quite hassle-full for them.

Thus, with the help of secure payment integration methods in the mobile app development, the hospital can give the patient a chance to pay it online through their mobile app and get the bill receipts to save as a proof.

– Hospital management – attained peace resolving the chaos

No matter how much the healthcare industry sees, a hospital is always the busiest place a person can find.

It is never easy to manage a hospital. However, with the help of a mobile app for the hospital staff to communicate internally, it helps bring a bit of peace among the hospital staff.

– Inventory and preparing schedule became more manageable

Maintaining the hospital inventory is quite tricky as many times; similar things need to be bought and returned, which creates confusion among the inventory holder.

Moreover, when it comes to staff scheduling for their shifts and their time-offs, it becomes complete chaos as to what time to apply to which staff member.

Thus, a hospital mobile app for managing the inventory will help the staff notify the management about the purchase and return of a particular medicine and the same app can help the head staff to manage the calendar of their ward team assigning them individual shifts and time offs.

In this app, the staff members can notify their head staff about their upcoming or sudden leaves, so that they can plan for the replacement.

– Check your vitals on the go

The generation of wearables helps us keep track of our health on the go.

A fitness wearable, configured with the mobile app in our smartphone, checks our body vitals on the go and real-time.

This can notify our near-ones about any emergencies we face and can call the emergency services as well.

In general cases, a wearable connected with the mobile app can help you with your vitals and notify you that you exercised this much and should or should not exercise further and features like that.

In brief, you become aware of your health in the real-time and can take necessary cautious steps so that you can avoid any problems.

– Recruitment became so upright and easy

Recruitment of hospital staff is a challenge in itself. Even though they are in the recruitment team, they go through a lot of chaos while finding a perfect fit for the requirement.

With the help of mobile app development, hospital recruitment teams have now become able to put their requirements on the app where it is visible to the related category of staff, and they can apply on the opening if they possess the required skills.

Thus, the candidate applies online with their curriculum vitae and mentioning their skills; the recruitment team does the primary screening and shortlists from the bunch of candidates and calls the selected ones for the interview process.

Hence, we can say that instead of interviewing thousands of applicants, they have to interview the ones those have the evident experience and skills as required, which makes the whole recruitment process a bit easier.

Have more to offer to the healthcare industry through mobile app development?

The blessings as mentioned above are the ones that are evident until now and have helped people across the globe.

We are sure that as a creative professional, you could see a different area of healthcare industry or mobile app development where you could integrate the one with the other and bring another aid to ease up the life of healthcare professionals.

Please go ahead and share with the world about your inventions and imaginations, which in turn help the humankind to live in a healthier and a better way.

Mr. Vivek Shah
Author: Mr. Vivek Shah
He is the pioneer, motivational speaker, solution provider, MD and CEO of Capermint Technologies Pvt Ltd: A leading Mobile Games & App development company. He believes in crafting creativity with calibre which construct a valuable outcome for the world out there looking for innovation. As a CEO, he likes to help other companies to transform their app ideas into reality.

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