Samsung Gear IconX: All New Wireless Fitness Earbuds for Fitness Freaks

Samsung Gear IconX: All New Wireless Fitness Earbuds for Fitness Freaks

With the increasing growth of fitness apps and fitness bands, there is no dearth of tech help for fitness freaks. Well, to keep them well and fit, there is the latest addition to the bandwagon of high-tech fitness gadgets. This is nothing but Samsung Gear IconX, a new and innovative earbuds that will help you listening music with more control while doing the workout. Well, we all love to keep our movements rhythmic with the beats playing in our ears and in that respect, this little product offers a great value addition to our exercise with music experience.

People who regularly work out in parks or out in open, almost unexceptionally agree that music plays a great role in making their steps more rhythmic and lively. But we all know the uneasiness involved in using our mobile device the earbuds for the same. Not only changing tracks is a big problem as time and again you need to take out the mobile device from the pocket but also the wire entangling together makes it often irritating.

Most important of all, almost majority of earbuds just do not fit the ear holes perfectly and so when working out they come out and we constantly need to adjust them. Yes, Samsung Gear IconX is one innovative product to address all these real-life challenges while listening music during a workout.

It clings to the ears

Yes, it does not look very special at first countenance and we agree to that. But just take it out from the case and look attentively at the earbuds and you will readily recognize its standout design. But it is not about aesthetics we are talking about here. It is the thoroughly ergonomic design that makes this product different from all others. It literally clings to the ear holes all the time when you run or just make spot-jump or do yoga. Moreover, it is extremely lightweight in design with no weight for the ears at all.

Here are 3 distinct sizes of earbuds are available under Samsung Gear IconX range along with three color options including black, blue and white. So, look-wise also you can experiment a little and just can complement your sportswear in a befitting way.

Priced a nearly $200 this new Samsung innovation offers a lucrative tech gear for travelers, wanderers, and exercisers alike.

How does it work?

Gear IconX is a through and through high capability fitness specialist earbuds and it offers made to real-time fitness data while going through exercise or any physical workout. While you can always stay updated about your physical accomplishments in that particular moment, you can be free from the constraint f looking at the device screen.

It works pretty smartly without needing many things to do. You just require inserting the earbuds in your ears and it starts automatically. Secondly, when you tap and hold the tiny touchpad on this pair of earbuds, instead of music you get real-time activity updates tracked by your fitness tracker app. The fitness information that these smart earbuds offer for your hearing includes speed, the duration of exercise, distance covered, heart rate, etc.

A little negative with battery life

Poor battery life is the only negative aspect of this competent smart earbuds with robust performance and capabilities. Maybe it is the size of the device that has been responsible for smaller and less powerful battery, but only one and half hour lasting battery is too low for a workout wearable device of this stature.

Release date and price

Samsung Gear IconX has been revealed but to hit the market there are few months still ahead of us. According to credible sources from the company, it will be launched for the market in the third quarter of this year with an opening price of $199.

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