Things You Should Think When Getting Into A Contract With A Mobile App Development Company

Mobile apps these days have become such an integral part of our life, that if we turn off our apps for a day we would suddenly feel a strong void created. But the world is still hungrier for more and more apps. There are still many requirements of people, which need to be solved by producing newer apps and if you are thinking of getting an app built, this article just made it in time to guide you on how to get it made.

An app can bring about many path changing benefits to a business, it can help a market sell its services online, or can help customers of a business interact with the business in a more seamless manner. Apps are the easiest and most convenient technology for companies to stay in continuous touch with their consumers or customers. A well built app allows the company to interact with their customers in a more seamless fashion and to get that beautiful app built you need to work with a company that fulfils your requirements on almost all of the following parameters.

  1. Have an in-house supremely capable UI/UX team – A good UI/UX can create happier customers than any other things. A good UI can e your differentiator from all your competitors. It is mandatory you check the past work done by the UI/UX team, their selection of colour schemes, and their usage of spaces and correctness of representation in the app. Also check their portfolio for identifying how is the experience of the app as a customer, is moving pages easy? Is the app creating problems during interactions? From every point is it possible to travel to every other required point? You are not just getting an app developed you are providing a connection medium to your customers, demand for the most appropriate user experience.
  2. Is the agency capable of understanding your requirements – Requirement analysis is one of the most important phases of a mobile app development. If the company is unable to understand and/or translate into correct technical deliverables, it doesn’t make sense to be going ahead and working with that agency. The contract needs to have very specific milestones and deliverables on each and every requirement of the client.
  3. Cost of the mobile app – Mobile apps can range from $5000 to $100000. Building an app is becoming an expensive affair. Thankfully here we have a guide for you on how to decide approximately how much should your mobile app cost?

So Costing of a mobile app is usually dependent on following factors

  1. Number of functionalities you wish to provide within the mobile app. Let’s say you build an e commerce app, along with that you also wish to include a functionality of clicking photos and searching images for similar products on the store that is an add on functionality. You usually tart with the core functionality that you wish to get made and then move towards the add ons that you would be adding. A mobile app for a fashion brand would display its products, but when you ask for getting a store locator added, that usually added as a separate cost.
  2. Number of interaction points you wish to create for your app – An E-commerce app comes with default functionality that when the user clicks on the product it shows the 5 detailed photographs of the product. Now if you wish to create a newer interaction point where the user is allowed to zoom in or zoom out of the product to see the product in utmost detail, this might just add on to your costing.
  3. Number of analytical data points you wish to improve with every user interaction – Analytics is usually a backend part of any mobile app. But this backend provides inputs to improving the way front end or the customer facing part of the app is behaving. The way facebook manipulates your news feed, you would want your app to show different data to different users. There would usually be no point of advertising a women t-shirt to a man buyer, he might be more interested in buying a man’s pyjamas. These analytical points are also very useful when you are trying to decide on what kind of marketing would work the best on what kind of users. The analytics from an app are more accurate than the one’s you receive from a website.

We request you to put deep thought on all of the above listed parameters; this would make the interaction between you as a client and a requirement analyst of the agency extremely smoother.

  1. Milestones – Agencies usually work on the milestone model where you start getting some part of the delivery, you test it and the agency gets paid for that part of the delivery. These small delivery part are called milestones. Let’s say for an example you wish to get food delivery mobile app built with an agency. The agency and you as a client decide that the first milestone would be achieved when the agency delivers the design and gets it approved by you than full fledged design of the mobile app is your first milestone. You can set your next milestone when a certain number of pages are ready to go live. Milestones are really one of the most important part of the delivery, small changes are possible at every milestone and it is easier to check smaller parts in utmost detail than checking the entire app in the end. Ofcourse end to end testing is necessary, but it’s always good to get mistakes corrected with every smallest step. Milestones also help you decide on the amount of that would be required for building the app. Usually an app building activity with full fledged features takes 6 weeks, but then it is dependent on the number of deliverables that you have decided and the number of milestones you have set. Each milestone should usually be 10 days away from each other; this gives you enough time to test whatever was delivered at the previous milestone and gives the agency enough time to correct upon their mistakes.
  2. Maintenance period– Even after rigorous agency testing and user acceptance testing there is a possibility of some live issues being missed out. Hence in most cases agencies provide a maintenance period of 1 year. This period is crucial as live bugs if any are present in the app which either slow down the app or crash the app; during this period the agency is liable to solve those problems for you.
Mr. Vivek Shah
Author: Mr. Vivek Shah
He is the pioneer, motivational speaker, solution provider, MD and CEO of Capermint Technologies Pvt Ltd: A leading Mobile Games & App development company. He believes in crafting creativity with calibre which construct a valuable outcome for the world out there looking for innovation. As a CEO, he likes to help other companies to transform their app ideas into reality.

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