Things You Can Learn From Blue Whale Challenge As A Game Publisher

Blue Whale Challenge game is in trend! Not for its positive effects but due to its negative effects. The game is addicted to teens but at the same time also harmful for teens.

So, as a game publisher what you can learn from Blue Whale Challenge game? It’s simple. You can create the best addicted game but to entertain the users. Here are some points which can help you to create an addicted game.

Points To Create An Addicted Game like BlueWhale Game


Storytelling is the success key for many popular mobile games. By integrating an attractive story telling featured in your game, you can attract more users.

Design and Music

Design and music of your game also play an important role to create an addictive game. Your splash screen, game icon, game snapshots, game video and different tunes for different screens are some of the important factors you can’t avoid.

Time Killing Machine

Gaming is mainly for entertainment and to kill the time. Attract Your users in first 5 minutes or you’ll lose your user forever. If the gamer is bored with your game, the gamer will uninstall your game immediately!

Structure In Stages

Structure your game in stages. Whenever you have different stages, it creates a challenging environment for gamers. If the user is addicted to your game, the user will keep playing to complete different stages.

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Leader Board

A leader board is one of the best ways why people want to come again and again to play your game. A leaderboard makes your game more challenging. To be featured on your leaderboard, the user will be addicted to your game.


Offer rewards in your game. Extra rewards like boosters, points, etc. are the best way to encourage the users to stick with the game.

Social Media Sharing

Social Media is the latest buzz. Everyone is sharing their activities on social media. With your game, it must be easy to share score on social media and to compete with friends.

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