Twitcher – A Ball Jump Game

Raise your eye brows and check out one the most amazing ball jumping game of the year. Twitcher lets you make your ball jump in all directions. and collect diamonds. Experience the amazement of seemless jumping of balls and collect diamonds. Run your ball to protect it from black falling knives and black hills which pop up in the journey. Protect your ball from every black object in the game. May it be a dial or a hill or knives falling from the top.Enhance your adapting skills and quick decision making skills by playing this game.

How To play Twitcher:
1. Enter the game and select the kind of ball you would want to play with
2. The ball will start running and jumping with keys to bring it in motion.
3. Protect the ball from Black knives falling from top and the black hills and all other black objects coming your way.
4. Make the ball reach the next level.

The game is appropriate for people of all age groups. It necessarily helps you enhance your decision making skills in terms of running in specific directions and protecting ball from touching any black object. It also helps you gauge your adapting skills.

We hope your jumping ball experience will be an amazing one and you will recommend this Twitcher app to more number of people.

Mr. Vivek Shah
Author: Mr. Vivek Shah
He is the pioneer, motivational speaker, solution provider, MD and CEO of Capermint Technologies Pvt Ltd: A leading Mobile Games & App development company. He believes in crafting creativity with calibre which construct a valuable outcome for the world out there looking for innovation. As a CEO, he likes to help other companies to transform their app ideas into reality.

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