Uber like Taxi app solution to streamline your cab operations

In today’s world, tradition has become boring and outdated. When was the last time that you waited on the road and shouted “taxi” till someone stopped for you?

Whether you are a running cab service that has 50-100 drivers or you are a startup with 10+ drivers, the vision of both must be to grow and grow. But Uber has revolutionized the market and if you want to grow, you have to stand up to your competition and this is possible only if you have your own uber like taxi app solution.

There was a time when we used to have the number of a rickshaw driver and we used to call him and book him. But you won’t be alone all the time, what if your whole family wants to go somewhere? You all cannot fit in a rickshaw and a rickshaw is not that comfortable either. Well, an app will do the same and people will have the privilege to book a cab from any location and get the cab at their doorstep thus saving them from standing on the roadside waiting for a cab. Don’t you think this is what all people will want and as the competition has gone online, no one can charge more and thus the customers cannot be cheated?

The idea of booking the cab from your mobile and in no time having the taxi at your doorstep is just as brilliant as it sounds and this is the reason why many people are switching to Uber for their daily travels.

This idea has made Uber a billion-dollar company. According to Forbes, Uber has completed about 2 billion rides and this process has generated about 20 billion dollars for them. 

This was possible because of the benefits that the app provides. The benefits are as follows:

Benefits of making a Taxi app like Uber

1. Tracking the location of the taxi in real-time:

Safety is a feature that outcasts all other features. No one will have second thoughts if they have to spend some extra for safety and in this case, you have to pay the same as the traditional rates and still you get this benefit. And this is why real-time tracking has been identified as the biggest benefit of the taxi app.

The driver knows the exact pick-up point. The customer knows in how much time the cab will come and the biggest thing is that you share the live location and thus your family can monitor the full journey.

Now how will this feature help you? The biggest benefit for you is that your customer will be happy with the experience and happy customers can turn into loyal customers. Loyal customers don’t just buy from you, they suggest you to their family and friends and thus they become your cost-free influencer.

You can keep an eye on the driver and the route that he is taking from your mobile. If there is any unnecessary halt or if it is taking unnecessarily more time to reach the user, you can contact them then and there. This way you can manage your remote employees more efficiently.

2. Opportunity to get higher visibility:

It was mentioned earlier that giants like Uber have eradicated the traditional cab service and now the public has become habitual to booking cabs through apps. So, if you want to be visible in the market, you have to provide users with what they want and that is a taxi booking app.

However, you have to understand that you can win the customers only by providing the best possible service, therefore you should make sure that your app should contain all the available features. Tourists rely on cab booking apps rather than traditional cabs and thus by opting for an app, you are expanding your reach.

3. Gathering valuable data about passengers:

Information is the new gold. If you invest in information, you will definitely make profits. 

If you invest in an uber like taxi app solution, it will help you a lot in gathering the required information. First of all, to sign in, the customers will have to enter their name, email id and contact number which you can collect and store. 

You get your hands on other information like how often does a customer books a cab and travel, time and distance that they travel, etc. This way you can send personalized notifications to your customers and personalized discounts and offers too.

4. Turning your business into a brand:

Uber is something that everybody knows and by opting for an uber like taxi app solution, you are following its footsteps. You can provide the best service and slowly you can also become a big player. Moreover, there is much hard competition out there and thus you have to work really hard to stand out from this competition. 

Credibility, trust and extraordinary service is the key to brand awareness. Moreover, you are continuously collecting information from the customers and thus you can customize your app accordingly. This will make your app more appealing and user-friendly.

5. Getting the feedback:

How can you make the necessary changes when you don’t even know what your customers want?

You can improve your service by knowing what the customers want and thus by providing them with the same. Moreover, you cannot ignore customer feedback as your brand awareness totally depends on customer feedback.

The traditional taxi service has no such feature where the customer can share their experience. However, this is totally possible in the app as the app will ask them each time they complete a trip and they can even rate your app. If the ratings and reviews are good, you will know that your strategy is working well and if the ratings and reviews are negative, you will know that something is wrong and you should immediately take counter-steps.

6. Checking the Efficiency of Drivers:

The taxi app provides you with the live location of your driver and the customer review serves as the topping on the ice-cream.You can get an overview of the driver’s performance by the customer review. All these benefits are absent from traditional taxi bookings.

By using an app you can track the performance and the efficiency of the driver through the feedback. There are instances where the driver doesn’t go to pick the customer and the customer is charged for the driver’s mistake, in such a case, the feedback can help you in knowing the truth and helping the customer.


All these features make uber like taxi app solution the perfect solution for you to grow in this business and to create brand awareness. The app should be user-friendly and useful at the same time. Let’s discuss the top features that you should have in your taxi app:

Rider App Features

Advance booking:

Along with live booking, customers should be allowed to boom in advance. That can be for their office, meeting, some program or function, etc. With advance booking, there is no chance that the cab will reach late and thus this can be a huge benefit for the customer.

Special requests:

You should make it easier for the customers to enter special requests like a newborn baby is with them, special arrangements for the elderly or disabled, kids, etc. This covers every possible request from them and thus they will stay with you.

Save Destination:

Why should someone enter the location again and again? Provide a feature that could save their locations and thus they can enter the location just by entering the keyword or from the dropdown list. For example, they should be able to save the home location with the home keyword.

Map View:

Through the map view, the customers can easily have a look of the whole route and they can also know the distance of the pickup location from their home.

Feedback and Ratings:

Passengers can share their valuable feedback and thus you can improve your services accordingly.

Payment Gateway Integration:

Allow cash payments as well as all the forms of payment that are available so that the customer can pay you easily and conveniently.

Driver’s App Features

Real-time Request:

Drivers can get real time requests as per their convenience and can take time off by going offline.

Ratings and Reviews:

Not only customers, but the drivers should also be allowed to share their reviews about the customer so that the data can help in handling customers easily.

My Destination:

When the swift is over, this allows the drivers to pick the customers that want to go at places that come between the driver’s routes.

Emergency Contacts:

This helps the driver to contact the emergency contact easily and share their live-location with them by just a simple click, in the time of emergency.

Driver’s Dashboard:

This helps the driver to look at their performance and insights so they can improve it and grow their career.

Admin Panel Features

  • Assign Trips
  • Fare Management
  • Driver Commission
  • Admin Reports
  • Customer Grievances
  • Create Sub Admins
  • User Management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Transaction History
  • Content management, etc.

These features may differ according to your requirements. To get a useful and user-friendly app, you should make sure that you contact the right mobile app development company to create your uber like taxi app solution.

Mr. Vivek Shah
Author: Mr. Vivek Shah
He is the pioneer, motivational speaker, solution provider, MD and CEO of Capermint Technologies Pvt Ltd: A leading Mobile Games & App development company. He believes in crafting creativity with calibre which construct a valuable outcome for the world out there looking for innovation. As a CEO, he likes to help other companies to transform their app ideas into reality.


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