The innovative world is moving really fast. Each day we see newer innovations coming to life. Each one aimed at making your life either easier than before or more interesting than it was ever before. Some of those innovations are here to stay while some just fade away like a strong wind through your ears. One such amazing new technology is Virtual reality Gaming. Though Virtual Reality goggles had come into existence 30 years back. But the fire is spreading now and its time you immerse into the Virtual world.

If you are a gamer of course you would have played many role play games or games with amazing controls. Now imagine instead of just looking at some guy holding the gun for you, what would happen if you are standing amidst a pool of villains with a gun in your hand. This my dear friend is called Virtual Reality Gaming.

Virtual Reality Gaming is the highest level of enhancement that could be provided to the users listening and adapting skills. To play a virtual reality game you need a virtual reality box which is available on almost all e-retail portals at amazingly low costs.

The era of virtual reality gaming started with virtual reality apps. There are mainly 3 types of virtual reality apps

  1. Virtual Reality videos – Lets say you are watching a coke studio concert. How amazing would it be if an app would make you feel as if you are sitting in the front row and watching the concert. Its not just high definition. It is absolute virtual reality.
  2. Virtual Reality Games – Sit in that car you always imagined driving or feel that bliss full love of guns right in front of your eyes. Play only what you believe in.
  3. Virtual reality photography – Don’t just check out photographs. Be a part of those moments.

5 really amazing Virtual Reality apps we really want you to try

  1. Eagle Flight –Become the eagle which is flying over the skies of Paris, France. Feel the city in an all together different way. The game is an exhilarating experience of how Paris looks during different timings and different time spans. If you really wish to start of your virtual reality gaming career, this game is the most appropriate start you could have.
  2. Robinson’s Journey – Story of guy who gets stranded on an unknown earth like planet and what unknown things he encounters there.
  3. Insidiuos – The game is based on the movie insidious. Makes you feel as if you were a part of the horror movie. The game was actually created as a part of promotion for the movie.
  4. In Mind – One of the tremendous journey into the mind. Searching all the neurons that are creating mental disorder.
  5. Lantern – want to relax a bit. Become a lantern over the sky. Enjoy peaceful time viewing the moonlight river and distant mountains. Soothe your eyes for an exotic experience.

As they always say “It is never about the destination. It is always about the journey.” Virtual reality gaming is your chance to experience those amazing journeys before you eventually encounter a destination. But your own virtual Reality box now and step into those beautiful journeys that life has to offer.

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