What is Digital Presence? | 7 Ways to Improve Your Digital Presence in 2020

What is Digital Presence?

Digital Presence refers to how your business looks online. If someone searches your business online, what they see is your digital presence. Whether it is your website, blogs, social media pages, customer reviews, or any other content related to your brand business which available online, consider as your digital presence.

The world has shifted online. We search for everything online nowadays. Whether it is a recipe, some problem, or looking to find something new, we simply Google it. Google has become the hub of every known thing in the world. If there is something we do not know or any problem, it is said to Google it. If we see a brand name, we can also search for the same over Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Etc., and we will see a result. In short, Digital Presence is the result that one gets after searching your business online.

Top 8 things to setup your digital presence quickly

Here are the top 8 things which help to set up the online presence instantly.

  1. Business Website
  2. Social Media Presence (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, Etc.)
  3. Business Listing (i.e., Google My Business, Bing Places, Apple Maps Connect, Glassdoor, Etc.)
  4. Digital Advertisements (i.e., Google Ads, FB Ads, Etc.)
  5. Engaging on Question – Answer Sites (i.e., Quora, Fluther, Yahoo Answers, Etc.)
  6. Getting Listed in Directory (Yelp, Business.com, BBB, Etc.)
  7. Publish Videos Online (i.e., YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Etc.)
  8. Press Release (i.e., Newswire, PR.com, ReleaseWire, Etc.)

Why you should improve your online presence?

For the below reasons, we require to improve our digital presence; 

  • Target a broader audience
  • Break the geographic limitations
  • Serve your customer 24*7
  • Build your Brand
  • Create a positive image
  • For effective Marketing
  • For growing your business

Online Presence

Everyone does business with one motive, and that is to earn more and more. It will help if you have a competitive advantage to move forward. In this digital age, brands and businesses move online to get rid of the geographical borders and gain more customers. When you move online, the competition increases to the next level, and so does the number of customers. There are millions of customers online; you have to target them correctly.

Suppose you have a business of Men’s clothing. If people know your business’s name or website, they will quickly find you online. But what if you wish to acquire new customers?

This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into play. Either you have to rank high on the SEO or increase your brand awareness by targeting the audience on social media platforms.

There was a time when the rankings were based on the keywords. But now, you have to create quality content to rank. On social media platforms, people will not follow you until you offer something unique. The best way to increase your followers is by solving their problems and by providing useful information. This way, you can win their trust, and then they will start following you, and they will also start buying from you.

Online Presence is not just about creating a website and social media accounts; the concept goes far beyond this. You have to make virtual points of your business by providing useful information on your website and social media pages; along with this, you have to provide a path for the audience to interact with your business.

7 Ways to Improve your Digital Presence in 2020

According to research, 70–80% of potential customers research a business online before actually visiting them or before buying anything from them. As the saying goes, the first impression is the last impression, and therefore your online presence should be so good that you should be able to nail the first impression.

Whether you have a Digital Presence strategy at work or thinking of establishing it, here are some tips that can help you improve or develop a better digital presence.

7 Ways to Improve Digital Presence

Remember that there is always room for development if you are willing to work hard. Moreover, you can have a strategy that works fine for your present goals, but these tips will help you future proof your goals.

1. Know your Target Audience

The Digital world is as big as the real world, and you do not need to target everything. Targeting the wrong audience will increase your costs and will result in less engagement of users. So, this will lead you to think that the digital presence is of no help to your business. But you may be targeting the wrong audience.

Invest in Customer Persona Research to find your ideal audience and then target them. Targeting the wrong audience is like walking on a road that has nothing but a dead end.

Use questionnaires, surveys, and other tools to gather all the information about who is your ideal audience.

2. Maintain Mobile Friendliness

The most portable device is mobile, and many people use mobile for all the online activities. A laptop or desktop is not available every time, and that is why over half of all Google search visits (61%) occur on a mobile device.

You should make sure that all your digital content is mobile friendly and delivers the same experience it offers over a laptop or desktop.

When we look at Google’s “Mobile-first Indexing” update, it means that Google also ranks the website based on the mobile experience. Moreover, the main thing that you should care about is the experience that your mobile content provides to the users, rather than caring about your rankings. The better the content, the better the engagement, and customer satisfaction you will get.

3. Talk about a topic and not your brand

Social media marketing is more like personalized marketing than just simple marketing.

It would be best if you told people about your product advantages rather than merely advertising your product. Create content and post it on your page, but this will not work if you don’t have many followers. You want new followers, which will happen if your content is more than just a mere advertisement.

Also, you should join groups that describe your niche. It will help you gain knowledge about your competitors, and you can also earn an audience from such groups.

4. Share Content

If you use Instagram personally, you will know that in the DM of Instagram, more posts are shared than messages are. The memes are famous because of post sharing.

If people do this over the platform and they love it, you should do it too. It doesn’t mean that you will share some funny memes to their DM’s, but you will share some posts on your page or stories that are related to your brand’s niche.

If you find any post related to your niche, you should share it; this can either work as a knowledgeable post for your followers or gain a new audience. Your main motive is to provide your audience with content that they need, and sharing other people’s content can help you in doing so.

5. Join the question and answer session

Customers want faster responses than the 5G internet when it comes to any query or problem.

Moreover, the quicker you reply, the higher chances you have of winning that customer over. Q&A session is the best way to address customer queries and to portray your brand as the one that cares and is responsible.

With speedier replies to the queries than your competitors, you can become the customer’s go-to person. Therefore you should include Q&A in your social media marketing to make your Digital Marketing Presence stronger.

6. Add Relevant Hashtags on Instagram

The key to content marketing is by keywords; likewise, the key to social media marketing is hashtags #.

Hashtags will help you add the keywords to your post, and it will also help your post in reaching the people who are using the hashtag or are interested in it. You should add hashtags to reach your target audience, and this is how social media works. Instagram introduced this concept, and Instagram is the king of social media marketing with the highest conversion rate.

The hashtags can be used to search for your product or brand. These tags can also be used by the users to star in your posts. This way, you can get advertisements for free. Coca-cola uses the #shareacoke hashtag, and people are crazy over it. You can search it over Instagram now, and you will know how powerful these keywords are.

7. Create polls and surveys

The best way to find what your audience wants is by asking them directly.

No one is perfect but what hypothetically makes a business perfect is the strive to be perfect. Well, the least that a business desires is to have an ideal product. You can achieve this by using social media marketing in the right way.

It can help you to get quick feedback and to know what your customers want. You can learn the latest trends from customers only. The data that you will obtain is excellent for your future marketing. The polls and surveys help you gain much information about what the customers think about your business and your product.


Digital Presence is how you represent your business online. Therefore you should try to keep it to the best. It is a tool that can be used to gain a new audience and to increase your brand awareness. However, it can be hard to keep up with the constantly changing SEO rules. Therefore the best thing you can do is be flexible and prepare a flexible Digital Presence. Focus more on providing a satisfying customer experience, and the rest will automatically fall into your plate.

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