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What is digital presence & how to improve digital presence in 2023?

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Karan Vora

Karan Vora is a passionate digital marketing manager and a tech blogger. He is associated with Capermint. He has always been interested in digital marketing, tried lots of tools, and also done lots of research. Apart from marketing, he loves gaming, photography, and traveling. Follow Karan on Twitter.


  1. All we must need is a digital presence as of 2021 and so on. Otherwise, we will be buried brutally by the market.

  2. Thanks for providing clear idea about digital presece. Everyone requires the same. Nice article anyways.

  3. Superb explanation on digital presence; it’s too clear to understand the concept as well. Indeed, digital marketing is definitely required nowadays. keep sharing such information.

  4. Agree with you, Digital Presence is how you represent your business online. It is only the way of marketing your brand. It can be used to gain a new audience and to increase your brand awareness. One should pay more attention on providing a comforting customer experience, and the rest will work perfectly. Thanks for the insightful information. I would like to share a blog that I came across and hope it’s helpful.

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