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What is Digital Presence? | 7 Ways to Improve Your Digital Presence in 2021

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Vivek Shah is the founder and CEO of Mobile App & Game Development Company Capermint Technologies. As a CEO, he likes to help partner companies to transform their app ideas into reality. He likes to share his knowledge on latest mobile technologies like Android, iOS and other popular technologies.

  1. Thank you for the valuable information giving on digital presence, it is very helpful.
  2. It is defintely important and necessary too! We have maid services in NYC. So, we know that how digital presence is useful and help us to market ourself with the world.
    1. Yes that's true, it is definitely important. Hope you liked our aricle.
  3. In this covide19 pandemic, it is more necessary to have a digital presence for every company. And it helps a lot in the time of social distance. Overall good article!
  4. Very Nice Post, will check other articles as well.
  5. Digital presence is truly required, if anyone like it or not. In this corona time, digital presence is only the way of marketing of your brand. You have to consider it anyhow.
  6. Thanks for this amazing digital presence article. I want to also setup for my business, but I didn't know before from where to start. Now, I know and will start create online profiles and setup my business. Thanks again for list all things.

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