Ultimate Precision Typing Made Possible with WRIO Keyboard

Ultimate Precision Typing Made Possible with WRIO Keyboard

Well, although we boast off the touch input in all handheld devices, WRIO – the tiny keyboard popping out over the screen whenever we need to type anything, make many of us bored. We get particularly bored in typing on mobile devices because of the lack of precision when touching this with our fingertips and that is really a big practical problem deterring people from typing words in many cases.

Actually, like keeping pace with the evolution of the devices, interfaces, and features, the keyboard based input for typing text did not evolve that much, although there have been few noteworthy attempts in that direction. But, none of them just could bring any major change in the user experience with the keyboard. Maybe, the search for the ultimate solution to this problem with the keyboard is over now. We have just got a breakthrough product called WRIO. WRIO is a breakthrough keyboard capable of delivering high speed and high precision typing.

This surprise keyboard with an altogether different look and feel has been developed by a small Switzerland-based startup. The keyboard comes connected with a keyboard app built for iOS platform and combined together they can help boosting the typing speed by at least 20 to 70 percent while compared with the Qwerty keyboard layout. The Wrio keyboard developers solved the issue with typing speed by introducing a new keyboard layout design. The keys are hexagonally shaped in this keyboard and allow much bigger room for the fingers to tap on the keys with precision.

High-speed typing simplified

What you need for typing at high speed, especially on a mobile device? Well, we all agree that the finger friendly keys are the most crucial elements in boosting the typing speed. WRIO addressed this problem by finger tap friendly hexagonal keys spread in a honeycomb-like a manner. This minimizes the chances of mistyping and helps to boost the typing speed to a great extent. If size and shape of the keys is one aspect that helped WRIO becoming the most precision driven keyboard ever, then the other elements obviously include the reshaping and positioning of certain input keys like the space bars.

Gesture based inputs

There are other interesting changes like the complete absence of the backspace key. A right to left swiping will do the correcting or deleting action done previously by backspace key. Various degrees of sustaining the swiping actions are needed to wipe one letter to a full word to a full sentence. In the same manner to restore the deleted text you need to swipe in the opposite direction. These are few instances of how gesture-based inputs have been incorporated in this new keyboard app to make typing easier than ever.

Extensive features for typing ease

WRIO has everything that you can ever wish for while typing with a keyboard. Let us have a look at the key features offered by this breakthrough product.

  • Large, keys friendly for finger taps helps precise and high-speed typing.
  • Minimized keyboard layout helps to cut the clutter and to get the needful quickly.
  • A single swipe allows capital type or a small type, correcting a mistyped letter or word or sentence and a swipe in another direction helps to put a punctuation mark.
  • WRIO offers more than 30 different languages and allows typing in several languages simultaneously.
  • It comes with a customizable dictionary capable of learning from your input to offer you predictions while typing.
  • WRIO offers both auto correction feature and feature for learning new terms and languages to make correction accordingly in future.
  • WRIO allows inserting emojis while typing and it suggests emojis as per the mood of the typed words. It offers a collection of more than 1000+ emojis.

WRIO truly embodies a breakthrough concept for typing on touch enabled devices and if it is unleashed for other platforms, it can easily become the de-facto standard of mobile typing.

Mr. Vivek Shah
Author: Mr. Vivek Shah
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