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Book My Event: Have an event? Looking for electronic devices on rent? Book My Event is for you. It is your one stop destination to get all the electronic devices on rent for your event. Different electronic products like projectors, speakers, video camera, LEDs and more are available to rent in your city.



The main problem was that the inventory was limited and multiple users were ordering the same inventory at the same time. So the single inventory was allocated to multiple users.

The user was able to book the inventory for unrealistic times like 2 years, 5 years, 10 years.

Infrastructure for accepting the payment to be developed. Users should be able to see the devices of their current city only and when the user location has changed and moved to a new city, the list of the devices should be updated according to the new city.


We have catching the exact time of the user while the user request for any product. And we render the time in Hour:minute:Second:Millisecond. And we compare the millisecond of the user who have ordered at the same time and according to that the inventory gets allocated to the user.

We have added an maximum rent limit for which the user can rent the product. The admin can adjust maximum rent limit according to his needs.

We have integrated the PayTM payment gateway. And other than that we have also set up payment method for credit and debit cards as well.

We use the user current location in order to show him the products of his current city. At the time of installation of the app, the app asks for the location access and if the user grants permission the app gets the users location. The app continuously checks the users location so if the user city changes the user would be seeing the products of the new city.

We have applied an algorithm which generated a random word and this random word can be used as promo code.


Development Features

Easy booking and reservation for Renting Electronic Products
Apply Promo code to get discount.
Easy search by categories
User can select the total number of days he want to rent the gadget.

User Interface Design

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