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Cool Car Wash


Cool Car Wash specializes in cleaning all types of vehicles while keeping our environment in focus. We connect you to our network of trusted, background-checked and highly-trained technicians.



The user wants to know where is the washer currently. As the car is taken by the washer for a wash the user want to know the live location of the washerThe car washers would only enter start time and end time for the service. But the time slot should be auto generated for the user. The user than selects this time slot for booking.As this app is multilingual there was problem when translating from English to Arabic.


The washer live location is being send to the client so that the user could know where the washer is.

As the washer only enters his total service time like start time and end time we have to create multiple slots in between so that the user can book an appointment in that time slot. An algorithm was created which would divide the service time in equal time slots. As the app was available in two languages the content was to be provided on two languages. So the basic language was set to English and in order to convert the content to Arabic, Google Translate API was used.


Development Features

Book an online appointment for a car wash right
User can make a booking for multiple vehicle
Supported in two languages 1) English, 2) Arabic.
Washer can Track the user location
Apply promo code to get discount for the service.

User Interface Design

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