Capermint Key Infrastructure

Delivering a perfect solution is a process that is possible only if certain factors are aligned together and a perfect infrastructure is one of the factors. Capermint has created such an ambience that can boost the efficiency of everyone.
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Looking to bring your high-quality Scalable apps in real life.

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Erfahrenes Team

Reimagine your business with our Mobile App Development Services.

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Mehrere Plattformen

Building custom solutions across Android, iOS, and Native platforms.

Capermint's Amazing Architecture

The workplace should be such that motivates a person to push themselves and to achieve more and more. Capermint’s architecture is built with the same vision. Capermint’s motive is to go to the next level, and well-planned architecture is one small step towards this goal, as it creates such a climate that boosts the dedication of the whole Capermint family towards this goal.

Capermint Technologies understand the importance of technology and infrastructure when it comes to app development service. Therefore, Capermint has incorporated the world’s finest and technologically advanced, robust premises to provide the team with an environment that they can use to develop world-class apps.

Latest Custom Solution


Custom app/game development is the process of designing, developing, scaling, integrating, and upgrading solutions to meet the demand and the needs of your business. At Capermint, we have all the necessary tools to develop the most useful app/game powered with highly advanced features.

We can handle the needs of businesses of all sizes, from a small startup, to fortune 500 companies, to mid-size businesses, to enterprise-level companies. Capermint Technologies can tailor app solutions according to your need, whether the app is for the management of B2B, B2C interactions, on-demand solution, internal operations, gaming apps, etc, Capermint is the one perfect stop for all your needs.

Data Backup


The user experience of any app is dependent upon the data backup. Users spend significant time and effort in creating an identity, adding data, and customizing settings and preferences on your app. A wise man is one with a back-up plan, similarly, a wise developer is one that has a data backup facility. The back-up facility lets the user enjoy a personalized experience across various devices.

Capermint Technologies handles the data back-up of every product that they develop and thus, all their clients can count on them for their app’s data preservation. Capermint Technologies ensure regular data backup to prevent any accidental loss of your information or database.

Project maintenance


Capermint Technologies is equipped with the latest technology and therefore the company can maintain all the versions of your files, be it present or the old ones. You can get all your files from the company.

If there are any issues with the new files, at least you will have the backup of the old file. You can refer to the old file and therefore you don’t have to start everything from scratch. All the data is stored in the company’s servers systematically so that you can get whatever you want in just a few seconds.

Priority checkup


The servers at Capermint Technologies can provide you with off-site backup in the event of a disaster. The company maintains priority data check-up and backup of the data for your app. All the data that enters the server is first checked and then it is saved. As a company, Capermint Technologies understand the importance and power of data in the technological world, and therefore, you don’t have to worry about the checking-up and data backup, leave this to Capermint and focus on other important tasks.
Server Management


To improve the performance and for the data storage, servers are used. But it is really important to manage and maintain the servers are they are too crucial to the performance of your apps. We want you to focus on your business and let us maintain the technological parts of the app. You are the best at maintaining your business processes and we are the best in maintaining everything related to the apps and maintaining and managing your servers is one such task.
Data Security


Our infrastructure is backed up with round the clock power back-up so that your apps can run seamlessly all the time. The infrastructure is equipped with 24*7 CCTV observations to ensure safety of the servers and other facilities. Capermint Technologies is a complete package for all your app-related needs and you can rely on us 24*7.

Our goal is to deliver 100% satisfaction and therefore we have equipped ourselves with world-class technologies so that we can serve you with the best solutions. Our IT tools are targeted towards filling all your needs.