APL is a platform filled with multiple real-money games like Fruit Chop, Ludo, Poker, Carrom, and so on that the users can choose to play from by downloading just a single APL app. Showcase your skills and earn huge prizes in daily tournaments.





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A One-Stop Destination For Real Money Games

APL is a hub of various real money games. The users just have to download one game, and then they can enjoy the fun of various real money games. Why download multiple games when you can download only one game and explore dozens of other games in the same app.

There will be huge cash prize tournaments every day on the APL app. Thousands of players join tournaments of various games every day to showcase their skills and expertise in the game and to earn huge prizes. There is a chance of winning real-money waiting for you every time to play a game on APL.



The platform is a hub of multiple games with real-money features in common, and therefore, the first challenge was to explore and find various games that can be added as real-money games on this platform. Although there are various real-money games out there, we wanted to create a curated list of games that will contribute towards making this platform the most exciting one.

We covered all the Games domains such as Racing, Quiz, Puzzle, Sports, Education based, and other skill-based games.

As the platform has multiple games, the second challenge was keeping a centralized Log-in and Wallet for all the games. The third challenge was to create a bonus wallet that will help in the “refer and earn” feature of the platform.

Apl Experiences strategy


Centralized System

We have implemented a centralized system for the players so they can enjoy all the games with a common Log-in/Wallet.



The platform has multiple leaderboard strategies. The users can check the contest wise leaderboard and overall rankings as well.


Empfehlen & Verdienen

The third strategy was to integrate a bonus wallet in the game’s wallet that will be used to provide a bonus for the “refer and earn” feature.

App-Merkmale / Kernfunktionalität


Multiple Games At One Place

As soon as the players launch the app, they will see dozens of games on their mobile screens that are available on the platform. The users choose any of the games based on their skills and preference. For easy access, the players can add their preferred games to the list of their favorite games.


Various Battles And Tournaments

When the player clicks on the game, they will be presented with a list of battles and tournaments of the game that they can choose from. The players can choose between various battle options in the game based on the boot and the winning amount. If they want huge prizes, they can opt for tournaments too.


Host Tournaments

APL comes with social media integration, and therefore the players can sync their social media account with the APL app to add their social media friends as their in-game friends in APL. This allows users to play with their friends and family. The users can customize and host the tournament to play with their friends and family.


Geschichte des Spiels

The app stores a detailed history of all the games that the user plays. The history will state the game that the user played, the boot value of the game, win/lose status, and even the game’s date and time. The game history will also showcase the details of the opponents that the user played the game with.



Leaderboard gives the chance to the best players to showcase their talent to all the users. APL has multiple Leaderboards on the platform. There is an APL leaderboard that showcases the highest-earning players of the platform. Then there is a game-wise leaderboard that showcases the best performance based on a particular game.

Verschiedene Zahlungsintegrationen


The wallet can be used to deposit and withdraw money from APL. There are various payment integrations that the player can choose from and save. The method that you choose will be saved for later use. APL offers three types of wallets: Deposit wallet, Withdrawal Wallet, and Bonus wallet.​


Exciting Offers

The first offer is the “refer and earn” offer for the players. When the referred person joins and plays a game, the money will be credited to the referring person’s bonus wallet. Players can get more bonuses using a coupon code. They can use the coupon code via a deposit of the money to the deposit wallet.

Test & Einführung

Our primary focus was to make the game centralized in terms of Log-in and Wallet, as we want to provide the users with a hurdle free experience on the APL platform, so we have gone through the centralized testing on priority. Being a multi-game platform, we were aware of the user traffic as well, so we also had load testing with multi-game at a single time.

We tested various payment integrations and the security of the platform. As there will be multiple games, we tested the game for any lagging and solved it.

Lösung / Ergebnis

A Hub of Real Money Games: APL has dozens of real money games ranging between various categories that the users can choose from to play. No need to download a separate app for various real-money games, as you can download APL for the same.

Centralized Log-in and wallet: All the new users just have to create an ID once in the sign-in, and then they can play all the games of the platform with a single ID. The wallet is also integrated for all the games and even with the bonus wallet for refer and earn functionality.

Refer and Earn Functionality: If the user is referring the app to their friends and family, we should provide them with compensation for the same. Every user has a unique referral code that they can send to their friends and family to join the game.



APL is a gaming platform that has dozens of real money games that the players can choose to play from. Till now, more than 10M games have been played on APL. Centralized log-in and wallet and integrations like payment and social media integration contribute towards providing a user-friendly experience to the players. The users can not only enjoy the fun and excitement of the games, but they can even earn money while doing so.


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