Basket G is a one-of-its-kind online grocery shopping platform app, which can be used to order groceries, wellness, and beauty products, home decor, etc by just a few clicks on your mobile phone.






Shop From The Comfort Of Your Home

Who wants to go out, drive, find a parking space, stand in line and buy goods when you can just open an app and you order groceries, wellness products, beauty products, home decor, etc. while sitting at your home comfortably or from anywhere. The seamless search feature facilitates you with quick and seamless searching.

Choose from some of the best brands and a wide range of Asian grocery products from farm fresh Vegetables, Fruits, Baby products, Toiletries/Hygiene products, Flour, Grain & Oil, Milk, Beverages and Utensils, to Party Essentials and Electronics. You can enjoy huge savings with the best weekly deals and discounts.




The very first challenge was to showcase the accurate location of the user so that the app can show them items that can be delivered to their location. If the app allows all the orders to be placed without the distance limit, this can be troublesome for the sellers. We solved this with developing various algorithms.

The second challenge was to create an advanced search algorithm so that the users can use various keywords to search their desired products.

The last challenge was to manage the packing and delivery operations for the app. The app should be able to prioritize same day delivery from next day delivery and should send the immediate notification for all the received orders. We created advanced algorithms to overcome this challenge.

Strategie und Planung


Inventory Management

The first strategy was to showcase and take orders of only those products on the app which are available with the vendors.


Benutzerfreundliches UI/UX

Our second strategy was to develop user-friendly UI/UX that enables the user to find anything and order anything easily.


Schedule Delivery Management

The third strategy was to create a unique delivery channel within the app that helps the vendors schedule a timely delivery.

Basketg App Features

Product Category Listing

Product Category Listing

To simplify the browsing experience of the users, there are various categories and sub-categories within the application. For example: In the groceries section, there is a sub-section for vegetables and fruits. The list of categories makes it easy for the users to find their desired products easily.

Product Offers

Product Offers

Along with weekly and monthly offers, there are daily product offers too. The app users also get to use various vouchers and reward points that they earn from their previous orders. There is a separate section for the products that have offers in the app. The users can open the offers category to browse and buy them.

Product Detail Page

Checkout / Cart

All the products that the user wants to buy, they can add them in the cart. The app will calculate the final amount to be paid with the delivery charges in the cart. Once the user finalizes the products, they can start the checkout process. They can also add a coupon for discounts. The user just has to make the payment to complete the process.

Membership Plans

Membership Plans

The users can opt for membership plans to get special discounts, free delivery, and for various daily subscriptions. The users can subscribe for daily milk and other daily supplements, fruits and vegetables and so on. All the members get a special membership discount on various products in the application.


Product Offers

Along with weekly and monthly offers, there are daily product offers too. The app users also get to use various vouchers and reward points that they earn from their previous orders. There is a separate section for the products that have offers in the app. The users can open the offers category to browse and buy them.

Empfehlen & Verdienen

Empfehlen & Verdienen

The app also offers a refer and earn feature in which the user will earn in-app points for all the people who join by their referral. The points can be used as a discount when they purchase anything. All the users have their unique referral code, and therefore they should make sure that the other person joins using their referral code.

Mein Portemonnaie

Mein Portemonnaie

No need to use the debit card, credit card, or various payment integrations again and again. You can add money to your BasketG wallet, and then you can use that money while placing an order. The referral points are also added to your wallet. The “My Wallet” option makes the payment a task of just a few seconds.

Test & Einführung

The first thing that was tested was the user-friendliness of the UI/UX of the app. Then we tested if the search option is showing the right and filtered results or not. The “My Wallet” feature was also tested for making speedy payments and for the security of the payment.

From selecting products, to order, to order received by the vendor, everything was tested to work seamlessly. The cast and checkout process was tested, and the address save feature was also tested in the checkout process. The categories were tested to showcase the right products under the correct category. The data was synchronized between the user and the driver application.

basketg-food-banner- copy

Lösung / Ergebnis

Get local products at your Doorstep : By developing various algorithms, the app was enabled to detect the user’s exact location and show them products that are in stock and deliverable at their location. If the user enters a different address, the app will filter the products based on that location.

Einfaches Suchen und Blättern: The search feature of the app has thousands of keywords, and therefore when the user enters a keyword, the search option will showcase only the right products. The categories and sub-categories make browsing easy and seamless.

User and Delivery App Integration: To ensure timely delivery and track the order, the user and delivery app must be integrated. As soon as the order is placed, it is received by the vendor for packing in the delivery app, and the user will get all the updates of the order too.



Thousands of users use BasketG to get food, groceries, wellness products, beauty products, home decor, and latest electronic gadgets at their doorsteps.

Quality Assurance and Hassle-free support add to the user experience. Benefits like special discounts, daily offers, refer and earn, and loyalty points provide considerable benefits to the users.


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