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Get Fit

Getfit app is the fastest way to shop for your favorite vitamins, supplements, and sports nutrition products.

The user can explore various products from different partners. Browse for the best products in categories like protein, multivitamins, pre-workouts, and more.



Our app has an ecommerce ecosystem, so many users were ordering multiple items at the same time which would ultimately slow down the server so the server was taking more time to respond back to the user and as a result was making the purchase on the app slow.

Live tracking of the product so that the user can know when he is going to get his product.

While viewing the product the app was taking very long to load the product images because at a time thousands of users were seeing the same product so that made the app slow because of so many user request, the server was taking time to respond.


We maintain a local database at the app level so whenever any customer added item to their cart it will check if the server is free than it will upload the item details to the server directly and if server is not free than it will wait for the server to be free and than upload.

Added trackers and bar code scanners to track the product. Whenever any product reaches any delivery hub it gets scanned and the location of the hub gets updated in the user app.

In order to make images load faster in the user app, we have decreased the size of the image by decreasing the resolution of the image of the product uploaded by the seller. So it takes less time to load the images.


Development Features

Fast and simple shopping app
Compare multiple products with each other
Real time track the location of his package
GetFit Rewards
Get information about fitness
Seller can create online store within five minutes and sell
customize your store
Manage all the orders easily

User Interface Design

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