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Happy Chappy

HappyChappy offer a daily-rotating menu featuring ingredients that the user can directly order from their mobile app.



As the user can give bulk order there will be a problem where the user would have placed the order by mistake and it needs to check that the user has actually made the bulk order.

The user can send or receive gift card from the app. And the gift card will be send to the user via mail. But proper protection should be given so that nobody could misuse the gift card code.


While ordering the food in bulk the user will be send an OTP via message. And with OTP the total quantity of the food will be displayed with the food amount.

While applying the gift card while ordering meal the user would be prompted to enter the password so that the original user who knows the password can only use the gift card code.


Development Features

Get update of daily menu
Free and Fast delivery
Online order catering with schedule date and time
Send a gift card to near one

User Interface Design

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  • playstore

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