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Hertra - Online Social Women Community App

HERTRA - App provides a platform for women to join discussions, seek advice, share experiences, help and empower each other.

Hertra application made up for women to let them speak their mind openly by joining any community and seek or give advice based on their own experiences.



To build an application which is women-oriented and allows women to open up their minds in front of the world requires a safe and secure platform, where they can decide who can view their profile, who can upvote or comment on their post and who can chase them using the app.

The other hurdle was to decide how the communities and its followers will decide to have a discussion on topics which are relevant to them only and they do not get any misleading suggestions.


In Hertra we have given all the access to the account owner, She can decide who can see her account details, who can comment on their post. Men can download the app, but they can only see posts specifically posted for them. Men only have the functionality to upvote/downvote & like/dislike.

For relevant topics, discussion women can also form a community for a non-profit, their company, social cause or something they are passionate about. They can join different communities by subscribing them for further fruitful discussions. Women can get advice or give suggestions and opinions to others for resolving their issues.

The app enables women to find a friend, mentor, and advisor. Women can also follow and message each other directly.


Development Features

Social Network for Women
Posts, Comments and Discussions for giving advice
Form a Community Or Subscribe to Communities
Direct Message for Personal Discussions

User Interface Design

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