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We understand that getting the customers to your hotel has never been easier. We picked the best mobile app UI especially for the reputed hotels who knows how to run their business and stands for long years.

Hosty Hotel App helps the hotel managers to get the best users on-the-go and they can provide their value-added services to them anytime. With the Hosty Hotel App, the hotel owner can see nearby influencers, Send a request to nearby influencers to check out their hotels, notifications if the influencer accepts the request. Feature to add date and time slot available for influencer and Chat Functionality.



Make/manage availability in calendar.

Manage campaign(now project) the hotel has made an offer to influencer and make sure it is first completed from hotel then and only then influencer can mark it as complete.

Instagram analysis request, generate documents and send email.


This includes managing the calendar from the availability Hotel enters in app. Calendar availability is based on the hotel dates available. We have to make sure that it is future date, two dates are not from the different months & year. So we made the validation very accurate in the first phase.

In this one, the difficulty was that influencer made it complete even without knowing hotel. Hotel get to know it by notification that campaign is completed by so and so user but its actual not. So we it like, First Hotel makes an offer to influencer/influencer to hotel which displays in negotiations campaign. It will only start when the opposite person starts the campaign and goes to current campaign. Then after when it is completed, the receiver user mark it as complete and provide review.

For this we have used the third party API(Open Insta API) which was not simple and proper in terms of format we need. We make request as proper html from JSON and make simple user readable format document which is available for admin.


Development Features

Hotel owner can send request to nearby influencers
Hotel owners can accept or reject the influencer stay request
Influencers can send request to nearby hotel owner
Influencer can book a free slot or discounted slot in the hotel
Chat Functionality Available
Hotel owners via their app can also create multiple campaigns
Notification management
Ratings and recommendation review management

User Interface Design

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