Mix Reality Game Development

Mixed Reality Game Development

A mixed reality game is also known as hybrid reality game which takes place in both reality and virtual reality simultaneously. MR is a hybrid combination of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. A new environment and visualizations can be developed using MR where digital objects and physical objects synchronize in real time. The main target of game development is to attract more gamers and keep them busy for a long term. So using MR which is build on AR platforms by introducing elements of VR.

Capermint Technologies helps their clients to connect with brands and products by creating and developing MR games. Our MR game experts provide a variety of gaming category such as location-based games, pervasive games, and augmented reality games. There are many best MR games here are the three largest player-based MR games, i.e. GeoCaching (O’Hara, 2008), Ingress (Niantic Labs, 2012), and Pokémon Go (Niantic Labs, 2016). We at Capermint Technologies can surely provide you MR game with same quality and gamer engage.


Reasons to hire Capremint Technologies

Our creative game development (VR & AR) experts will surely provide full-cycle, MR game development, including Microsoft Hololens and create interactive games which attract more gamers. We have experienced team of game developers who have a high level of knowledge of using AR platforms with proper elements of VR which will deliver the best MR games. We use the latest version of Unity which supported in a device like HoloLens and Immersive headsets

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Capermint is dedicated to deliver best quality, value and service to meet our client's need. Quality is a attribute that we appreciate and If you are in search for high-quality IT services, that's where our expertise is at your fingertips.

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Capermint team always believe in delivering outstanding solution for small to huge projects. We have tailor-made pricing list as per client requirements. At Capermint, we believe in client's satisfaction when it comes to work delivery.

Robust Solutions

We always deliver extra ordinary services to our global clients and we take care of everything related to IT solutions and customer queries. Our such qualities make us different from the competitors.


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Be it a startups or big company, Capermint provides brilliant tech solutions to the enterprises. As, We believe in prompt solution when it comes to client projects.


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