Engaging your audiences with an out-of-the-box concept is essential to achieving your business objectives and engaging your audiences. With Capermint’s Mobile App Gamification Service, you can transform your app into a more engaging and interesting app.

Gamification in Mobile App
Gamification in Mobile App
It’s Rare
Gamification in Mobile App
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Gamification in Mobile App
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Mobile App Gamification Solutions

Engaging your audiences with an out-of-the-box concept is essential to achieving your business objectives and engaging your audiences. With Capermint’s Mobile App Gamification Service, you can transform your app into a more engaging and interesting app.

Mobile App Gamification will improve your user experience as well as the user engagement rate. Our team of Gamification experts will gamify your app and will help you in getting the best results with your mobile app.

Mobile Gamification Services
Game Integrations in Mobile App

What is Mobile App Gamification?

Mobile app gamification refers to adding game components and contexts in the mobile app, to make the user experience of the app a fun-filled one. The fun features of the app help in increasing the traffic of the app. Moreover, this experience encourages the users to use the app again.

With points and level upgrades, the users will get rewarded for using the app or purchasing from the app, and the app will be able to get loyal customers.

Capermint Gamification Modules

Engaging your audience and providing them the best possible experience is the oriented goal of Mobile App Gamification. This kind of innovation in your app will help you in providing a unique and fruitful experience, and will also gravely distinguish your app from the competitions’. Here are the Gamification models that you can integrate in your mobile app.

Game Integrations in Mobile App

Level Integration

After completing a certain task, the level of the users will increase. The better their level is, the more rewards they will get. This way, you can motivate the users to use your app more to upgrade their level and to get more benefits.

Mobile Gamification Services

Badge Integration

The badges will be a trophy or a symbol of completing a milestone in the app. When the users complete the milestone, they will get the badge that they can flaunt in their profile and showcase to their friends and family.

Game Integrations in Mobile App

Performance Charts

The performance chart will showcase the daily progress of the users and how far are they from their goals or from the rewards. The performance chart will showcase the daily progress of the users and will motivate them to do better.

Mobile Gamification Services

Point Tables

Points will be the basic reward for all the tasks that the user performs via your app, whether it is a purchase or a goal met. The users can then use these points to redeem them for some gift, prize, discount vouchers, or reward.



The best motivation for the users to perform better is by showcasing a leaderboard and by letting them know how other users are performing. This will motivate the users to go that extra mile and be featured on the leaderboard.

Gamification in Mobile App

Social Integration

Having social integration in all the apps and games is a trend. With social integrations, the users can add their social media friends as in-app friends and then they can keep an eye on the progress of other players. They can share their achievements too.

Game Integrations in Mobile App

Mobile Games Integration

With mobile game integration, you can either add games of your content, or a separate game section with exciting and fun filled games. Our developers will co-relate the games with your app’s vision to improve your app’s performance and user experience.

App Gamification Services

An app is defined by the features that it offers, and as we want to develop only the best apps, we incorporate all the basic, advanced, and some new features to our apps that help them in standing out of the competition. Here is the list of features that we incorporate in our Fantasy Cricket App.

Game Integrations in Mobile App

Sports App Gamification

Capermint’s Sports Gamification helps you in engaging the users with AR solutions, quiz games, Trivia gaming solutions, product crowdsourcing solutions, etc. Tap into the business opportunities and higher engagement with sports gamification.


Travel App Gamification

Bring Gamification in your travel and hospitality to digitally reward the travelers and employees for their participation and behavior. Reward the users for using your app, and drive loyalty and motivation for future travels.


Food & Restaurant App Gamification

Food and Restaurant Gamification includes setting loyalty programs to compensate the loyal customers, to increase the sales, and for brand awareness. We also offer developing food games based on your restaurant’s workflow.


Banking & Finance App Gamification

Drive Motivation into your banking and financial service with Gamification. Reward employees, investors, and clients via loyalty points and easily achievable goals and missions. We also offer a full-fledged game development process based on your workflow.

Gamification in Mobile App

Transport & Automotive App Gamification

With Gamification in Transport and Automotive, you can improve safety by providing simulated environments, provide advanced training with 3D visualization, improve employee satisfaction with achievable missions, and promote your sales with loyalty programs.


Gaming & Leisure App Gamification

As a full-fledged mobile game development company, we explicitly focus on your unique game-changing ideas, and with our technical and industry knowledge, we shape it into reality. We harness technologies like AR/VR to develop the most amazing mobile games.


Event & Tickets App Gamification

Create valuable relationships with your audience with Capermint’s Event and Ticket gamification service. Boost the ticket sales with loyalty programs, and weekly/monthly easily achievable missions and goals for the users.

Advantages of Mobile App Gamification

Mobile Gamification Services

Increased User Engagement

If the users will be rewarded or will get points for using your app, they will avoid using the competition apps and will use your app more, which will in turn increase the user engagement of your app.

Game Integrations in Mobile App

Better User Experience

By using your mobile app, the users can not only avail all your services from anywhere and at any time, they will also be rewarded for the same. All their progress and history will be stored in the app, and this will improve the user experience.

Gamification in Mobile App

Constant Social Media Presence

Users are into sharing their experiences on social media. With the progress chart feature and the rewards that the users will get for using your app, the users will be very happy and are likely to post or write about the same on social media.

Gamification in Mobile App

More positive reviews

The gamification of your app makes it more interesting and more profitable for the users to use. The in-app experience and the overall experience of the users with your brand will improve, and you will get a lot of positive reviews on the internet.

How much does it cost to Gamify a Mobile App?

Mobile App Gamification can cost around $35,000 to $40,000 for a single platform with basic functionality. If you wish to add advanced gamification features and functionalities in your mobile app, with support for multiple platforms, it may cost up to $80,000.

The cost also depends on the company that you choose.

Charges of a small company

$15 – $40 / hour

Charges of an Intermediate company

$50 – $100 / hour

Charges of an Enterprise-level company

$100 – $300 / hour

If you are looking for an expert gamification company, you can contact us. We have solid technical gamification experts who have gamify and upgrade your app to provide the best user experience. To know more about our Mobile App Gamification Service, check out our portfolio.

Why Choose Capermint As Your Mobile App Gamification Company?

Capermint  is a one-stop solution for all your mobile app and game development needs. Our Gamification experts will turn your app into the most engaging and interesting one. Being an industry leader, we have developed numerous gamified apps. Many of our apps have topped the charts of app stores too. Here are the traits that make us a top mobile app gamification company.

Seamless Performing Apps
Substantial Development process
Detailed Analysis
Immense Experience
Transparent Communication
End to End Support
Cost-Effective Solutions
Scheduled Delivery

FAQs about Mobile App Gamification

We want to solve all the queries that you may have and answer all the questions that may enter your mind. Therefore, here is a curated list of Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile App Gamification that most of the clients ask. If you have any questions other than these, you can drop a message below or call us.

How much time does it take to Gamify a Mobile App?
It will take around 8 weeks to Gamify a Mobile App and the timeline can increase up to 20 weeks depending on the features, the number of apps, and the number of platforms.
Can any Mobile App be Gamified?
Yes, any app can be gamified and at Capermint, we provide Gamification service for any and all types of apps. Gamification means adding game-like elements in the app, and at Capermint we have a team of experts that can Gamify any type of app.
Do you provide continuous maintenance and support for Mobile App Gamification?
Yes, Capermint Technology provides you with continuous maintenance and support for Mobile App Gamification. Even after the delivery, you can opt for the monthly retention plan.
What is gamification in mobile apps?

Gamification in mobile apps refers to the strategic incorporation of game elements, mechanics, and design principles into non-game applications to enhance user engagement, motivation, and overall user experience. By integrating features such as points, badges, rewards, challenges, and competition, mobile app developers aim to make traditionally mundane or routine tasks more enjoyable and interactive, encouraging users to actively participate and stay committed to the app.

What are key elements of gamification in mobile apps?

Points and Scores:

Users earn points for completing activities or achieving specific objectives.

Badges and Achievements:

Virtual badges are awarded to users for reaching milestones or completing challenges.

Rewards and Incentives:

Tangible rewards, such as discounts or exclusive content, provide motivation for continued engagement.

Challenges and Quests:

Users are presented with challenges or quests that require completing a series of tasks.

Progress Tracking:

Visual representations of user progress, such as progress bars or levels, enhance motivation.

Competition and Leaderboards:

Users can compete with others and view their rankings on leaderboards, fostering a sense of competition and community.

Real-time Feedback:

Immediate feedback on user actions reinforces positive behaviors and outcomes.

Social Interaction:

Integration of social features allows users to share achievements and engage with others, creating a more collaborative experience.

What are the benefits of incorporating gamification into mobile apps?

Increased User Engagement:

Gamification captures and sustains user attention, leading to increased interaction with the app.

Enhanced Motivation:

Rewards and incentives motivate users to complete tasks and achieve goals, fostering a sense of accomplishment.

Improved User Retention:

Gamification contributes to higher user satisfaction, increasing the likelihood of users continuing to use the app over time.

Behavioral Change:

Gamification can influence users to adopt positive behaviors and habits by making activities more enjoyable.

Community Building:

Social features create a sense of community among users, fostering collaboration and support.

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