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Capermint’s motive is to provide the most extraordinary app and game solutions to help clients achieve their goals easily and nurture their businesses. To ensure that we create the most refined and effective solution, we follow this curated development process:
Research Analysis
Step 01

Research & Analysis

A dedicated project manager will be assigned to you to understand your requirements, your goals, and your expectations. They will formulate a project strategy based on your requirements. Whether it’s a development from scratch or if you come to us with a half-coded product, our manager will assess everything and will create the roadmap that leads to maximum efficiency.

What We Cover
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Features Enhancement
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Tech Stack
  • Product Roadmap
  • Approx Product Estimation
Step 02

Wireframe & Prototype

It’s time to create the outline of your product. It provides a clear view of how your app will function, look and feel. In layman’s terms, it can be stated as a prototype. The wireframe will be a visual guide on how the app/game will work and how the transaction will happen from one part of the app/game to another. Wireframing works as a cheaper alternative to see the user journey of your game/app.

What We Cover
  • Product Flow
  • Interactive Clickable Prototype
  • Unlimited Changes
  • Final Prototype
Product Designing
Step 03

Product Designing

Attraction is the key to sales. In this stage, we will work on designing the most intriguing product for you that will be attractive, as well as it will be the most useful and user-friendly design for your product. We will design the backgrounds, in-app transitions, all the assets of the app/game, and the entire UI/UX of the app/game. Based on these designs we will now start the development process.

What We Cover
  • Colors & Logo Selection
  • Easy-to-use UI Design
  • Art & Character Design
  • Assets Design
  • Unlimited Changes
Step 04

Product Development

Now it’s time to code! Our expert developers will code the most effective and efficient app/game based on your requirements. Our project managers ensure that everything is according to the plan, and nothing is delayed. They will keep you informed throughout the development process. We follow the agile approach to ensure that we deliver your mobile app/game at the promised time.

What We Cover
  • Structured Light Weight Coding
  • Features & Functionality Development
  • Code Optimization
Product Development - Process
Step 05

Quality Assurance

To ensure that there are no errors or lags in your product, in this step, we will test your product and it will go through various rigorous tests. We run the app on various devices, and through various scenarios, we see if there are any bugs in the app. This process ensures that you have the best version of your product. Once we receive the green light from the testing team, we are ready for the app launch.

What We Cover
  • Document & Design Testing
  • Functional testing
  • Non-functional testing
  • Regression testing
  • Ad- hoc testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Security testing
Step 06


Now as your product has passed through all the quality tests, this is the time to launch your product and make it available to the users. We will launch your app onto the internet and app stores. At this step, the clients usually hire us for all the future updates and maintenance of the product. We provide 24*7 support services and maintenance services to make sure your app provides the best experience.
What We Cover
  • Product Launch at Multiple AppStores
  • On-going Bug Fixes
  • Future Product Enhancement
  • Post-Support
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