Capermint Build App of Transportation Network for Kids – Scholar Route

Scholar Route is an on-demand application developed by Capermint Technologies for the ease of kid’s commute to and from School. The app is available for multiple objectives :

  • For Users (Parents)
  • For Drivers ( Transportation Provider)

For parents, it is a digital platform where they will be able to track the live movement of their kid, schedule the rides for transportation in South Africa.

For Drivers, it is a service provider application that provides the platform to serve their service for kids commute from and to school.

Parent Application Features:

  • The parent can schedule the transportation of their kid weekly or monthly for School or Extra Activities.
  • Parent can request for multiple drivers.
  • The parent can track the route using maps for locating where their kid is.
  • The app supports multiple payment features like – Peach Payment or Payment via wallet points.

Driver Application Features:

  • For eligibility verification, the application asks for the documentation of the vehicle and driver. If both are correct, then only the driver gets verified for riding.
  • The driver can create a route for schools, choose in which areas he will serve his service.
  • In case of an emergency, the driver can send an SOS message to the parent.
  • The driver gets notified for upcoming rides and the driver can accept or reject any new request appear for the ride based on his convenience.
Vivek Shah
Author: Vivek Shah
He is the pioneer, motivational speaker, solution provider, MD and CEO of Capermint Technologies Pvt Ltd: A leading Mobile Games & App development company. He believes in crafting creativity with calibre which construct a valuable outcome for the world out there looking for innovation. As a CEO, he likes to help other companies to transform their app ideas into reality.
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