7 Up 7 Down

All the card and casino games are fun to play. 7 Up 7 Down is a simple yet fun-packed card game variation that is dependent on your guessing skills and luck. However, it is not just a simple card game, but, it is a real money feature enabled card game that the users can play to earn real money.

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7 Up 7 Down

Predict 7 up & 7 down and earn real money

The main ingredient in the casino games is the real money feature, and many leading casino games are missing this feature, therefore very few users can stay interested in the game for a long time. The users should be given what they want, and therefore we have developed 7 Up 7 Down, a casino game that is infused with the real money feature.

7 Up 7 Down is a simple card variation that anyone can understand. This game is a guessing game in which the player has to predict whether the next card’s rank will be above 7 number cards or below the 7 number card. Just leave the game to your luck and skills, and start earning real money from gaming.



As 7 up 7 down is a real money game, we wanted to ensure that it is secure and there are no flaws or patterns in the number of the card to ensure a fair gameplay. To ensure the same, the game is integrated with Random Number Generator. The RNG Technology ensures that all the cards that are shown are random numbers and there is no fixed pattern in which the cards appear.

The second challenge was to integrate various payment getaways in the app to facilitate the deposit and withdrawal of money. We have to integrate multiple payment getaways in the app so that the user has various options that they can choose between according to their preference.

The third challenge was to maintain all the data and analysis of all the games. This is something that takes a lot of effort to manage. We also have to create an option to showcase all the game history to the users.



Instant Withdrawal

Many real money games offer instant deposit but when it comes to withdrawal, it is a lengthy process, and therefore we offer our users with instant withdrawal.


Refer and Earn

The Second strategy was to enable a refer and earn feature in which the players will get a bonus in their wallet when they refer the game.


Fair Gameplay

The third strategy was to integrate the Random Number Generator technology with the game to ensure that there are no patterns in the game.

Game Features / Core Functionality


Exciting Gameplay

The users can take as many coins as they want to the table with themselves. Once the game starts, the users have to choose whether the card that is to be turned will be higher than the seven number card or lower. 7 up 7 down is a luck and skill based game. The user can place a bet based on the options available below the card.


Select the Amount of Coins

The player is allowed to select the amount of coins that they want to carry with them to the table. This helps the player to manage the money that they want to keep safe and the money that they are willing to spend in the game. The money that they take with them is a risk, and the gamble can turn around anytime, and therefore this is a smart strategy.

Multiple Levels

Winning the Game

In order to win the game, the players have to guess whether the card will be of lower rank then 7 number card or of the higher rank. There will be various rounds in the game, and the player can bet the money by choosing from six money options. If the player is able to guess most of the rounds right and in the process earns more money, they will win.

Warning Notification

Warning Notification

The gameplay is developed in such a way that the players do not have to take all the money in the game. They can split the money in two halves, one half they will carry in the game, and the other one will be safe in the wallet. This saves the user from spending all the money in one game. If the money is not sufficient for the next bet, they will receive a warning.

Strategic Gameplay

How to Play

The players can click on the “How to play” option to see the rules of the game. The rules are very simple: The players have to guess the card right. Cards from 2 to 7 are low and 8 to K are high. Ace is always a win. Whenever you guess correctly, you will get double the amount that you paid. As simple as that! All the Best!

Test & Launch

The first thing that we tested was the security of the platform as this is a real money game, and when it comes to the hard-earned money of the users, we do not want any mistakes there. Moreover, the users are also most worried about the safety of their money and therefore enabled SSL security. We tested variou payment integrations of the app to ensure seamless deposits/withdraws.

We tested the Random Number Generator Technology to ensure that all the cards that appear have random numbers and there is no fixed pattern in the game. We also tested the refer and earn functionality so that it offers a unique code for every user and when a new user enters the code, the user should get the reward for referring.

Solution / Result

Random Cards : The RNG technology provides the game with a fair gameplay and therefore there are no patterns in which the card appears. This way all the players can rest assured and the users can only win by correct guessing.

Random Cards : The RNG technology provides the game with a fair gameplay and therefore there are no patterns in which the card appears. This way all the players can rest assured and the users can only win by correct guessing.

Instant Withdraw :The money that you earn belongs to you and therefore there it should be easily available to you. The instant withdrawal feature allows the users to withdraw the money using any payment integration in the shortest possible time.



7 Up 7 Down is a perfect casino game infused with the real money feature to make the game 10x interesting. This is a platform that the users can use to earn real money by using their skills and a little luck. The app has thousands of daily players. The app has become an extremely successful app in the real money game genre, and is a pocket casino for all the players.

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