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Bear & Bulls help aspiring traders to learn the basics of forex trading and eventually teach others too.


Bear & Bulls App

#1 Forex Trading App of Philippines

Bear & Bulls allows the users to learn the basics of forex trading. Forex trading is a good passive income. In trading you need skill and Initial deposit. Through Bear&Bulls App, the users get the chance to learn to trade for free. The users will be automatically qualified once they have reached the goal required to be part of this growing team of traders. Eventually, the users will be skilled to teach othes too.



The biggest challenge while developing the app was to create a process that allows the aspiring traders to fully understand and grasp how to do trending. How to understand the trends of the market and which stocks to choose and which to avoid. A curated process was created to make the perfect process to learn trading.

Another challenge was to provide real time stock updates in the app. When trading, every second counts, and so we instilled a method which allows the Bear & Bulls app to show real time changes of the market.

Strategy & Planning


Learning Platform
The first strategy was to create a curated process that allows the new and aspiring traders to easily learn and grasp the basics of trading.


Real time updates
Bear & Bulls offers real time updates for the trading market. Using this data, the users can effectively plan their next move.


User-friendly experience

As the app is for new and aspiring traders, we have designed the app in the most useful and simple way so the users can understand every aspect of trading.



Powerful Trading Leaning App

Bear & Bulls app makes the trading process easy and helps the users in learning the basics of Forex Trading. This powerful trading app is powered by UMP and it can help the new traders learn all the basics of the trading market, and also advanced methods and how to use them.

By using this app, the users will learn how to trade in no time, and they will be transferred into amazing traders or trading teachers.


Easy Sign in and log in

Bear & Bulls app offers a simple and easy sign-in and log-in process for the users. To sign in and use the app, the users have to provide some simple details like their name, email address, phone number, Date of Birth (to verify their age), province, and town name.

They have to create a password, and after verifying their email address and phone number, they are ready to use the app. The log-in process is also very simple!



Join the Growing Community of traders

Bear & Bulls is a community of growing traders. The app will help the users learn all the basic and advanced trading skills and will also provide a dummy account so that the users can use their skills without investing.

Once the traders are confident enough on their skills, they can start their real trading journey. The app serves as the best teacher for the users and will help them in building their confidence for the trading world.


Easy Payout

Bear & Bulls offer an easy and simple payout process. The users can either directly use their bank account to withdraw their earnings or they can use UPI and phone wallets like PayTM, GooglePay, etc.

Once the withdrawal process starts, the users will get the amount within 24 hours. The users can first use the app to learn trading, and then they can use the same app to trade and make it big in the trading market.

Test & Launch

To ensure that we launch the perfect app on the app stores, the apps and games developed by us go through a series of tests.The app has been tested to work even at low internet speed. The app is also tested to show real-time ups and downs of the trading market. The app is also tested to provide a curated experience that will help the new traders in learning trading.

The app is also tested to provide an effective and engaging user experience. The app’s payment methods are tested for security and fast deposit / withdrawals.

4.5 Star Reviews

Reviews-Bull-and-bear apps

Solution / Result

Bear & Bulls App – powered by UMP – is creating new records every month. The app stands at 4.9 stars out of 5 from the average 1800+ reviews.

The app has also able to cross the milestone of 20,000+ downloads within a month.Bear & Bulls is performing amazing and has transformed many new and aspiring traders into trading experts!


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