Belocum Case Study

On-demand Human Resource Solution

This Pandemic Period has proved to be a very hard one for the professionals who are seeking jobs in flexible hours, and for the human resource professionals, who are looking for the right candidate.

This scenario is much more critical in the Healthcare Industry as this Pandemic has given birth to the never ending demand of human resource in this field and the human resource professionals are at a very difficult position here.

BeLocum app helps in fulfilling this demand as a single platform where all the on-demand needs of Pharmacy And Nursing Relief can be met. No emails, texts, and endless calls are needed to find the right candidate on the BeLocum app.


The first challenge was to make a customized staffing solution for the healthcare industry that will cut the emails, texts, and endless calls that were done with the staffing agency or with the candidate by the healthcare institutions.

The second challenge was to match the right candidate with the right job, and at the right place. Therefore we have to create various smart filters that can help the app in doing so.

The third challenge was to enable smart notifications so that the healthcare center and the candidates can be updated about everything that matters to them.

Strategy and Planning


User Friendly UI/UX

Our first strategy was to develop an attractive and user-friendly UI/UX that enables the user to find the best candidate or work relief shift for themselves.


Dedicated staffing solution

The app will become the perfect and a dedicated Pharmacy And Nursing Relief staffing solution for the healthcare institutes.


Location-based listing

The users will be able to see the listings of the relief shifts based on their location or within some miles so that they can easily reach for work.

Features of BeLocum App

User Profile

User Profile

The users can add their display name, their profile photo, their resume, their experiences, their expertises, and other similar details in the user profile section. They can also use this section to edit their details. This section will be displayed to other users when they apply or post a job listing.


Publish Relief Shifts

The users can publish a relief shift in just a few seconds. They just have to select the location, the time and date, the specifications, their requirements, and the task is done. The shift will be uploaded in an instance and the professionals can now apply to the same from the app.

Publish Relief Shift
Finalize the most promising Candidate

Finalize the most promising Candidate

When the healthcare institute posts a certain relief shift, it would be visible to all the professionals that are there on the platform,and therefore the institute will receive multiple applications that they can review and then they can select the best professional for their work.


Apply for the shifts

The professionals can search for work based on their location. Once they come across a shift that they like, they can apply to the same with just one click. They have to click on the “Apply” button and the healthcare institution will get their application request which they can later finalize.

Apply for the shifts
Easy Login

Easy Login

To provide the most effective and hassle-free onboarding experience, we have provided an easy login for the BeLocum mobile app. The users just have to enter their mobile number and email address, and they are ready to use the BeLocum app for hiring or for finding the perfect job.


Give Reviews

Based on the experience that you had with the candidate and based on their skills and the work that they have done, you can post reviews for them. The reviews will work as an important source of information for all the healthcare centers that wish to hire the candidate.

Give Reviews
Get Notifications

Get Notifications

When the healthcare institute publishes a relief shift, they will get multiple applications for the same, and therefore they will get notification for all the applications so that they do not miss any. Moreover, the applicant will also receive notification when their application is approved.



For the healthcare institute, the history section will showcase all their listings, and the professional that they selected for the job . For the professionals, the history section will showcase all the listings that they apply to, and all the listings that selected them for the job.


Test and Launch

The first test was for the GPS Location accuracy to ensure the location of the candidate and the health center. The payment integrations were also tested to ensure that the privacy of the payment method is maintained. The relief shift posting feature and the appling feature were also tested to ensure the best user experience. Push notifications, reviews, and all the other features were also thoroughly tested.

  • Google play
  • App Store


  • BeLocum is the #1 pharmacy and nursing relief platform across Canada.
  • More than 750,000 hours of pharmacy and nursing relief shifts
    have been filed via BeLocum.
  • In just 5 seconds, one can publish a pharmacy or nursing relief shift.
  • The app has successfully reduced the management time by 99% compared to
    typical pharmacy or nursing relief agencies.
  • Moreover, the users are getting the benefit of 20% savings compared to
    typical pharmacy or nursing relief agencies.


BeLocum has successfully become the #1pharmacy and nursing relief platform across Canada. The app has become the ultimate solution for the relief shifts and is being used by thousands of users. At Capermint, we just need to know your requirements, and in just a few weeks, you will have the perfect solution that targets all your requirements in the form of a mobile app in your hands.

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