Fruit Boom

Use your reflexes and swiping skills to earn real money

Fruit Boom is a real money game which you can play against various other online players at real-time to earn real money. The objective of the game is to earn the highest score in the game. The task is very simple, you have to swipe your finger across the screen and it will have a sword slicing effect. Swipe the fruits that come and avoid the bombs.

If you swipe the bomb, the bomb will explode and the game will be over. Swipe more and more fruits to keep building your score. Moreover, you have only three lives and therefore you cannot miss swiping more than three fruits, or else the game will be over. Swipe three or more fruits together to earn extra points.


As Fruit Boom is a real money game, we wanted to make sure that the game is totally secure and that there are no flaws in the security. The game is SSL secured and the gameplay is continuously monitored to ensure that there are no hackers or cheaters in the game.

The second challenge was to sync the gameplay in real-time. The gameplay should act in real-time to provide the perfect gaming experience. The live scores of all the players will be shown at the top. As and when a player gives a command to the game, the game must reciprocate for the same and should be synced by the other player’s game too.

The third challenge was to create a game history feature that can be used to maintain all data and history of all the games that the user had played. It will showcase the entry amount, win/loss status, and even the date and time of the game.



Attractive UI/UX

The first strategy was to develop and create an user-friendly and attractive UI/UX for the game that can make the players addictive to the game.


Instant Withdrawal

Many real money games offer instant deposit but when it comes to withdrawal, it is a lengthy process, and therefore we offer our users with instant withdrawal.


Live scores

At the top of the screen, there will be an option that will showcase the live scores of all the other players to the player.

App Features


Exciting Gameplay

The users can enjoy the fun of swiping the fruits to cut them with unique effects and colors. The game offers an interactive gameplay that feels so good that the users will not want to stop playing. Moreover, the real money earning feature with the attractive graphics and gameplay makes the game a complete fun package.


Attractive UI

Developed using the Unity 3D Game Development Engine, Fruit Boom is an attractive 3D game. Fruit Boom gracefully takes a classic swiping genre game and turns it into a real money game. The graphics makes the gameplay smoother and enjoyable to play. Play in real-time sync with various online players.


Play with real players

Playing the game against bot is no fun, and therefore in Fruit Boom, we allow the users to play against real players. The players will pay the boot amount to play the game, and the winning player will win the full money. As soon as the player hits the play button, the system will start finding matches to start the game.


How to play

If the player is a new player and wants to learn how to play the game, the player can click on the “how to play” option to learn how to play the game in three simple steps. The gameplay is pretty simple, cut the fruits by swiping your finger, avoid cutting the bombs or the game is over, do not miss more than three fruits or the game is over. Simple!



The winner of the game will be the player with the highest score. To increase the score, the player has to cut the fruits. Moreover, if the player wants to earn extra points, the player can do so by slicing more than three fruits in one swipe. This will add more points to the score, and therefore combination swipes are very useful.


Slicing Sword

When the players swipe across their finger on the screen, it will work as a sword that slices through everything with a cool after effect. The users just have to use their fingers to slice all the fruits that pop-up, but they have to avoid the bombs. Moreover, the users can only use one finger to slice the fruits.



The bomb is your ultimate enemy in the game. When we talk about the fruits, you can miss as much as three fruits before the game ends, however, in the case of the bombs, the player cannot even afford to swipe across a single bomb, or else the bomb will explode and this will be the end of the game for the player.


Game Results

Although the player will be able to see the scores of all the other players on the top of the screen, as the game of each player ends, they will be taken to the “Game Over” screen. The game over screen will showcase the scores of all the players and will also showcase the win/loss status of the player.


Test and Launch

As this is a real money game, the first thing that we tested was the security of the game, as when money factor is involved in anything, it becomes a sensitive matter and therefore we want to provide 100% security via our game. We have added the SSL security to ensure the safety. The second thing that we tested was the user-experience of the game. We want people to return to our game every now and then, and to make this happen, we have to provide the best user-experience to the users. We checked the payment integration of the game to facilitate flawless deposits and withdrawals.

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Instant Withdraw

The money that you earn belongs to you and therefore there it should be easily available to you. The instant withdrawal feature allows the users to withdraw the money using any payment integration in the shortest possible time.

Detailed History

The game creates a record of all the games that the player plays on Fruit Boom. It will also create and save a detailed record of all the transactions that the users do. The users can refer to these records whenever they want to.

Real Money Game

Fruit Boom gives a shape to the fantasy of various players who were wasting their talent on games that served just as a leisure activity. Fruit Boom provides them a platform in which they can use their gaming skills to earn real money.


Fruit Boom is a perfect swiping game that allows the player to use their reflexes and speed to earn real money. The players can earn real money by slicing the fruits in a graphical paradise. The app has thousands of daily users. The app has been proved to be a very successful game with new users joining every minute. Download now and start earning money by playing the entertaining game - Fruit Boom.

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