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Ludo Fantasy

Gone are the days when mobile games were considered just as a leisure activity and nothing can be achieved by playing mobile games. Games today can be used to learn and earn. One such fine example is Ludo Fantasy, a ludo game that will train your mind and will help you earn real money.

App Compatibility


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Ludo is a game of skill and is a very fun game to play with friends and family. However, there is one thing that can make the game more interesting and that is the real money factor. With the real money factor, Ludo players do not have to play the game just for the pleasure of winning the game, rather, they can turn their Ludo Skill into a real money earning skill.

Practice and polish your skills in the practice match and then showcase your skills to the Ludo Fantasy players and real money too. Now, you have your own Ludo Game Casino in your pocket, and therefore you can play and earn anywhere and anytime.




As this is a real money game, the very first challenge was to integrate various payment getaways so that the users can have various options for deposits and withdrawals. This will enable most of the users to find and use their preferred payment gateway without any hesitation.

The second challenge was social media integration. This will make the sign in process easy and will also allow the user to play with their friends and family. Ludo is a four to six player game and therefore it can be played with multiple friends. Playing the Ludo game with friends is what brings out the real fun of ludo and therefore we have integrated social media with the game that allows the users to add their social media friends as in-game friends in Ludo Fantasy.

The third challenge was to develop the refer and earn functionality. This feature allows the users to send an invite to their friends and family along with a unique code. When the other user joins the game with the referral code, the user whose referral code was used will be rewarded.



Attractive UI/UX

The first strategy was to develop and create an user-friendly and attractive UI/UX for the game that can make the players addictive to the game.


Commision Business Strategy

We have provided a dynamic that allows the owner to change the commission percentage at any time as per their strategy and business plan.


Refer and Earn

Recommendations from friends and family members are considered more and therefore we have added a refer and earn functionality in the game.


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Social Media Login

If the users already have a Ludo Fantasy Account, they can simply sign up and start playing the game. However, if the users do not have an account, they have to create one to start playing the game. The user can create the Ludo Fantasy Account by entering their email address and their mobile number, or they can simply use Facebook ID for one-click login.

Sign Up Details

The manual Sign up is also very simple and will take just a few minutes. The user has to enter some information like their name, user name, mobile number, email address, and set a password. The password must be unique for safety purposes. If the user is joining the game after being referred by, the user can enter the referral code in the last option.

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Practice Match

There is a special practice mode in the Ludo fantasy Game that allows the users to play just for practice. Ludo is a game of skills, and skills get improved once you work on them and practice. Therefore the practice mode allows the users to polish their skills so that they can become the undisputed player of the game.

Attractive Gameplay

Ludo Fantasy allows the player to play ludo for real money. The app provides effective and attractive UI and UX to provide the perfect gameplay. The game is integrated with Random Number Generator Technology and therefore the number that appears on the dice will be purely random to ensure a fair gameplay.

Ludo Fantasy Screen 4
Ludo Fantasy Screen 5

Refer and Earn

The app has a refer and earn functionality that allows the users to refer the game to their friends and family and earn from it. The users just have to verify their mobile number first, then they have to share the invite code with their friends, and lastly, just make sure that the friend applies your code when they sign up, and the user will be rewarded.


Ludo Fantasy is a combination of the thrill of Ludo and the joy of winning real money. It is the perfect platform for ludo enthusiasts to turn their ludo skills to a real money earning skill. It comes with integrations like social media integration, real-time chat integration, and various payment integrations. Developed using Unity 3D, it is a visual treat to the eyes that has packed 1M+ Downloads.








Active Users


As this is a real money game, most of the users are concerned about the security of the game, and therefore the first test that we conducted was for the security of the platform. We have tested the refer and earn feature to produce different referral codes for each user, and when a new user uses the referral code, the other user should get reward.

We have also tested the Random Number Generator so that there are no patterns in the numbers that show up on the dice to ensure a fair gameplay. We have tested the app to work on low speed internet as this is a real money game, and if the app is not able to work in low speed internet, the user may lose their money.


Real Money Game: Ludo Fantasy gives a shape to the fantasy of various Ludo players who were wasting their talent on a ludo game that was just a leisure game. Ludo fantasy provides them a platform in which they can use their ludo skills to earn real money.

Detailed Data Records: The game creates a record of all the games that the player plays on Ludo Fantasy. It will also create and save a detailed record of all the transactions that the users do. The users can refer to these records whenever they want to.

Integrated Wallet: The wallet option integrates the normal wallet and the bonus wallet in Ludo Fantasy. The players can use this wallet to deposit/withdraw money. The bonus money of referred players will also be credited in the wallet.


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