Maseera Battle

Aim your water guns and get enjoy a unique festival experience

Maseera Battle is a 3D game inspired by a festival from Arabian Gulf Street festival. The game facilitates the users from all around the world to have the lively joys of the festival using their mobile device. The players can have the fun of the festival along with its battle pasion with realtime online players or with friends.

The players will compete against each other in this online game to hit the car with water using their water guns. They can use various skins and update their water guns too. In this battle, the player who hits more cars with water guns will win the battle.


The first challenge was to sync the gameplay in real-time. The gameplay should act in real-time to provide the perfect gaming experience. The live scores of all the players will be shown at the top. As and when a player gives a command to the game, the game must reciprocate for the same and should be synced by the other player’s game too.

The second challenge was to depict the actual experience of the festival in the game. We client wanted to develop a game that can provide the best mobile experience of the festival. We thoroughly studied about the festival and everything that goes around it, and created a 3D replica of the same in our game.

The third challenge was social media integration. To allow the players to play the game against their friends and family, we have to create a social media integration that will allow the players to add their social media friends as in-game friends.



Attractive UI/UX

The first strategy was to develop and create an user-friendly and attractive UI/UX for the game that can make the players addictive to the game.


Increasing the fun

The second strategy was to increase the fun of the festival by adding new features and powers to the game.


Social Media Integration

The third strategy was to integrate social media with the game, so that the users can easily add their social media friends as in-game friends.

App Features


Exciting Gameplay

Maseera Battle provides the best experience of the famous festival on your mobile screens. The game offers an interactive gameplay that feels so good that the users will not want to stop playing. Play with online players or with your friends and experience the fun of the famous festival anytime, anywhere.


Play with real players

Playing the game against bot is no fun, and therefore in Maseera Battle, we allow the users to play against real players. You can also play with your friends as family after you add them as in-game friends. Battle against real players, and showcase to the world who is the best Maseera Battle player.

play with real players


The store allows the users to buy various guns that have different ranks and different power levels. The users can buy the guns by using the in-game coins that they will earn by winning the battles, or they can simply buy the coins and then use them to get their hands on more powerful guns.


Powerful Water Guns

Maseera Battle offers various water guns that the users can buy using the in-game coins. The guns come with different power levels and are marked with different ranks. The higher the rank, the better the gun will perform. Earn in-game coins and buy the best gun to play the game with full power.

Powerful Water Guns

Play with Friends

Maseera Battle is equipped with social media integration. This enables the users to add their social media friends and family members to Maseera Battle game friends, and thus it allows them to play the game together. The users can create a room or join a room with its code to play the game with their friends.


Free Life

The number of lives that you have has a direct impact on the gameplay and therefore as a monetization strategy, we have added a free life feature. The users can get a free life when they watch an ad, and on the other side the client will earn money by in-game advertisement. This is a win-win situation for our client and the game users.



The leaderboard option of the game will showcase the best players of the game. The leaderboard will have their profile photo, name, points, and rank listed. If the players want to showcase their skills and talent to all the other players, they can do so by earning more points. This works as a motivational tool for other players.

Test and Launch

We tested the social media integration so that it provides a seamless experience when the users sign in using their social media account or when they link it with the game. The other tests included testing the seamlessness of the gameplay and if the game is performing at 100% capacity or not. We also tested the online gameplay, if there are any lags or if the users are quickly able to find a match to play the game with or not.

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Play with your friends

With social media integration, you can add and play the game with your friends and family. You can create a room to play the game with them. Invite them and show the users who is the best Maseera Battle player.

Various Skins and weapons

There are various exciting and cool skins that you can buy to improve the looks of your weapon. The game also offers different weapons with different powers that you can buy to get an advantage in the battle.

Rewards after each battle

You will gain special chests that contain special rewards after each battle that you win. This way, you will be able to earn more and more coins to buy cool skins and weapons. The reward will be based on your performance in the battle.


Maseera Battle successfully brings the excitement, fun, and the feel of the Maseera Festival to mobile devices. The game is equipped with multiple features and power-ups to improve the experience of the game. The game has thousands of daily users, and the number of downloads is increasing everyday. The game is a huge success and is performing really well on the app stores.

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