An app where important matters such as lessons, tests, personal learning goals come together. Lessons can be booked and paid for via the app, personal learning objectives are saved and all this from one platform.

App Compatibility





The New Way Of Coaching

Your golf pro in your pocket. With Mygolfpro you always have quick access to a golf pro of your choice. Easily book lessons and save learning objectives after a lesson. The learning goals are always transparent for you as a golfer. Handy if you want to practice on the driving range again.

And are you ready for something new? Your pro can easily add digital lessons and tests via the app. Keeping up to date has never been easier with the built-in blog / vlog option. And do you need immediate help with that annoying Slice? Then use the built-in chat.

My Golf Pro


The challenges include uploading video tutorials by the professionals that can be streamed even at slow internet speed. The user wants to use this app from their home or while on the go, and therefore, the app should be able to play the video without buffering.

Payment integration was another challenge. We want the professionals to expand their teaching classes without any boundaries. Therefore we have added various payment methods in the app to choose between the best alternative and make payment easy.

Strategy & Planning


Digitalize Golf Coaching

The first strategy was to create an online platform that golf professionals can use to share their lessons, and the users can use it to learn golf.


Uploading Lessons

The professionals can use their Smartphones to create lessons, and then they can upload the same in-app so that the users can buy and learn them.


UI / UX Strategy

The last strategy is to create a UI/UX that is so simple and easy to use that the user can surf through all the content without any difficulty.

App Features / App Core Functionality

Add Learning Objective Easily
Add Learning Objectives Easily

Add Learning Objective Easily

Learning objectives are easy to say via the “Speech-to-text” feature. The student can film the pro with his own smartphone. The learning goal feature allows the student to see what his pitfalls are. This, in turn, can ensure that the student still experiences more fun on the job between lessons.

Chat with Professional

Chat With Professional

With the in-built chat feature, the student and the professional can quickly contact each other. If the student has any doubt after the lesson, they can send Direct Message to the professional that has uploaded the video. Likewise, the professional can also DM the student for some tests or to send uplifting messages.

Schedule Agenda
Schedule Agenda

Schedule Agenda

The app’s main motive is to connect professionals with students who want to learn and master golf. The golfers quickly book themselves via the agenda. Twenty-four hours in advance, the app automatically sends a push notification to the student. The professionals can easily send payment requests via a TIKKIE.

Golf Pro Blog Information

Golf Pro Blog Information

The professionals can use this app to publish their blogs here. The students can refer to these blogs to be informed about the latest trends and information related to golf. The blog can serve as a piece of information that is very vital for your students for golf. Users can also follow you for the blogs, and they can even share them on various social media sites.

Golf Pro Profile

Golf Pro Profile

The professionals and users can create their profiles by merely entering their contact numbers and email address. They can also add their photo, description, and achievements. The user can access the agenda and all the saved videos from the profile option. All the lessons taken will be saved in the profile section only.

List of Tutorials by Golf Type

LIst Of Tutorials By List Type

The app has more than 10,000 videos, blogs, and vlogs. To make it easy for the users to find the right material for them, we have added numerous filters and sorting options. The users can also use the search option to see videos and content based on the keyword. The various types of games are sorted in the game for easy access.



Video is the most exciting form of content out there. Many people prefer seeing videos to learn something in place of reading blogs. Therefore the better way to make your blog more enjoyable is by turning it into a vlog. You can use our app to upload vlogs to share your knowledge and to gain followers.

Test & Launch

The app has been tested to work with various payment gateways and the total security of payment information. We have tested the app to download all the lessons that you take. To ensure seamless chatting between the professional and the student, we have tested the chatting feature that works even at low-speed internet.

To ensure that the student finds the desired classes and goal lessons, we have tested all our category settings, sorting, and filters. Video quality, agenda settings, blog & Vlog upload, follower feature, etc., everything was thoroughly tested, and after the testing phase, the perfect app was released for the users.

Solution / Result

Providing Digital Golf Coaching : The ideal tool for online golf coaching is the golf pro. Add digital lessons and let students run tests that require them to enter a score. Both the Pro and the students can view and compare results. This way, you, as a pro, quickly have insight into the student’s points of interest.

Creating Custom Digital Lessons: With My golf pro, the professionals can easily create video lessons. Easily and quickly via their own smartphone. To keep it interactive, add a game element by having the student perform a test after the video.



The My Golf Pro app has become the #1 app for Golf Coaching. The app got 5k+ downloads in just five months of its release. The beautiful and user-friendly UI/UX makes the app very simple to use. The app has more than 10,000 hours of content. My Golf Pro app fits the ultimate Golf Coaching Classes by Professionals in your pockets.

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