Parcel Monkeyss Case Study

Get your parcel picked-up and delivered in a few hours

Parcel Monkeys is an on-demand delivery solution mobile app. The users just have to enter the pickup and delivery location, and Parcel Money will immediately send the delivery person to fetch the parcel. The users can use the live tracking feature to track the delivery person. The sender-receiver OTP system ensures the delivery safety of your package.

Parcel Monkeyss offer a reliable, safe, and convenient way to get anything delivered from point X to point Y. The app guarantees a pleasant and consistent experience, thanks to its key, industry-leading features.


The first challenge was the location feature. The user should be able to enter the pick-up location as their own location or by entering it manually. The location should be accurate so that the parcel reaches the right place.

The second challenge was to integrate various payment methods so that the users can choose as per their preference. We added various payment gateways like Debit/Credit card, wallets, Net Banking, Cash on Delivery, etc.

The third challenge was to seamlessly sync the data between the user app and the delivery app. The delivery is to be completed within a few hours, and therefore the delivery person should be immediately notified about the pickup and delivery.



User Friendly UI/UX

Our first strategy was to develop an attractive and user-friendly UI/UX that enables the user to easily enter the pick-up and drop location.


Schedule Delivery Management

The second strategy was to create a unique delivery channel within the app that helps the delivery person schedule a timely delivery.


Payment Integration

The third strategy was to integrate various payment gateways to the app so that the users can choose between various methods as per their convenience.

App Features


Send or Receive Parcel

In the orders page, you use the “send package” option to send you package, or you can use the “I am Recipient” option to track your package and to see when it will arrive. There are two options, the active parcels to see all the active deliveries and the completed ones to see all your delivered packages.


Send various items

You can send various types of items using the Parcel Monkeyss app. The items range between documents, food, clothes, groceries, flowers, and cakes. Select the item that you want to send and proceed to the payment page. The delivery will be completed within a few hours and in the most careful manner.

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Order Details

Once you have selected the order type, the pick-up and drop location, you will see the order details page. The system will start searching for a delivery person for your order. You can use this screen to edit the order if you find some mistake, or you can also use the same screen to clone another order.


Assigning Courier

As soon as you confirm the delivery, you will be assigned the courier and you will also receive their details. Due to Covid situation, you will also know the temperature of the person and other safety information. You will receive their contact details so that you can contact them if needed. You can also clone your order for a faster experience.

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The app will create and keep a history of all the orders that you place using the app. You can review the orders whenever you want. You can also use the past orders to clone the order if you want to send the same item to the same person again. This way, you will be able to place the order without entering much information.


Track your order

You can track all the orders whether you are the sender or the receiver. You can track where the delivery person is and when they will be able to deliver the parcel. You can see the updates using the app’s order screen. The order screen will keep you updated about the whereabouts of your parcel.


My Profile

The “My Profile” option allows the users the access to various features of the app. From here, the user can edit their personal details, they can change their region, read the privacy policy, go through the terms and conditions of the app, contact customer support, and they can also use it to logout.

Test and Launch

As the delivery will be done using the location of the pick-up and drop-off, the first test that we performed was the accuracy of the locations. To enable fast and right delivery, the location should be accurate. We tested the payment integrations to ensure that the payments are fast and safe for the users. We also tested the in-app experience to ensure that the users can easily place their order and can easily use the app and Parcel Monkeyss services.

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Get parcels at your Doorstep

Parcel Monkeyss ensure the immediate pick-up and delivery of your parcel across Ahmedabad with live tracking. Just enter the pick-up location and the drop-off location, and the parcel will be delivered within a few hours.

User and Delivery App Integration

To ensure timely delivery and track the order, the user and delivery app must be integrated. As soon as the order is placed, it is received by the delivery app, and the user will get all the updates of the order too.

Multiple Payment Integrations

Parcel Monkeyss app has integration with various payment gateways so that the users can choose between various methods as per their convenience. The app also offers cash on delivery mode for a better experience.


Thousands of users use Parcel Monkeyss to get food, groceries, documents, cakes, etc picked-up and delivered at their doorsteps. Quality Assurance and Hassle-free support add to the user experience. Benefits like special discounts, daily offers, refer and earn, and loyalty points provide considerable benefits to the users.

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