7 Up & 7 Down Poker Game

7 Up & 7 Down - Online Poker Game

An Online Poker Game for Gamers

Poker is one of the best and popular card games played by people globally. Poker is the most loved Casino Game. The reason behind that is, it offers tremendous possibilities for all types of players to try their luck and win. Poker Gaming platforms for mobiles, desktops and tablets enables users to play Poker online at any time.

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7 Up & 7 Down Poker Game made by has

  • Easy to Download & Install

  • A Simple way of Creating Account

  • Smooth Gaming Experience

  • Global Leader Board

  • Engaging and User-Friendly UI

  • Multiplayer Game

If you're planning to invest in the game industry and not sure about which game you should make, Poker is the best game solution for enhancing your business.

Glimps of some of our Screens

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Landing screen indicating the user to play further. This screen also shows the coins that the user has in his accounts for playing. When a user launches the app, this is the screen which leads the user to enter the game for further playing.

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Amount of Coins to put on the Table

This step asks the user to select the amount of coins he wants to put on the table. The user has to slide the rangebar and will be able to choose the coin amount. This amount of coins will be put on the table for users when they play game.

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Notify About Coin

When the user has no more coins left in his account, the game will show this notification to the user saying the user does not have enough coins in the account and ask the user to add more coins to continue playing.

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How to Play Guide!

The game also has a 'How to Play' guide for those who does not know how the game is being played. It has the steps listed which helps the user to learn how to become pro in this game.

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