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How to Develop an App like Dream11? | Fantasy Sports App Dream 11 Cost & Features

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Capermint is a leading game & app development company based in Canada. With the 500+ apps & games creation experience, we are providing end-to-end support and maintenance with 100% success ratio. Our highly-skilled team of experts provide world-class services and solutions to our customers whilst ensuring high returns on their investments.


  1. I am also a fantasy sports player. I used to play daily 4-5 contests on different apps like Dream11, League11, and Howzat. I won money on all these three apps but my most wins came in League11 and love to play on that because it has the lowest platform fees and is the ultimate fantasy sports app that provides an immersive gaming experience. It’s time to join the game and unleash your inner champion. League11 is a relatively new entrant into the fantasy gaming space but has gained immense popularity in a short span of time or we can say it is the best fantasy app of all.

  2. Don’t compare dream11. It is already a funded company. Dream11 like app is hard and you guys doing an amazing job.

  3. Thank you for providing me with such valuable information. The world cup is just coming up next year and there should be a t20 world cup 2023 app. This article provided me with some useful knowledge.

  4. See we can’t compete Dream11 with the latest Fantasy cricket games. Because they have enormous series B funding. And others are just startups. But, you describe really good about all steps to making an app like Dream11 except pricing.

  5. Amazing Content!! Very informative blog for entrepreneurs who want to develop fantasy applications like Dream 11.

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  9. To make an app like Dream11 is not easy at all. There are tons of consequences in order to run dream11 like app smoothly.

  10. Nice blog. Another thing that you must know before venturing into online fantasy cricket app development is how do these apps make money. We understand the whole sole reason for making an app is to earn revenue out of it.

  11. Great article on developing fantasy apps like dream11. The popularity of fantasy sports and fantasy cricket apps is increasing day by day.

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