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How to Develop an App like Dream11? | Fantasy Sports App Dream 11 Cost & Features

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Vivek Shah is the founder and CEO of Mobile App & Game Development Company Capermint Technologies. As a CEO, he likes to help partner companies to transform their app ideas into reality. He likes to share his knowledge on latest mobile technologies like Android, iOS and other popular technologies.

  1. Hey there, very good blog!! Fantasy sports app can really generate a huge amount of ROI for a business.
    1. Yes Veronica, fantasy sports app can able to make millions for sure.
  2. This is really great info that can be considered before we start Indian Fantasy Cricket.
    1. That's right @ Badal. Hope you liked the same!
  3. This blog is very informative for the beginner who starts Indian fantasy cricket everything is clear to understand.
  4. This is a complete guide for building a fantasy cricket and fantasy sports app. As dream 11 is one of the most popular and leading fantasy cricket platform. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful information with us. Keep doing and keep sharing.
  5. Nice blog for Fantasy sports app to generate a huge amount of ROI for a business. This is really an informative one to grab more and more about Dream11.
  6. Thanks for sharing the steps to creating a fantasy cricket app. It is really helpful.
  7. I visited your blog for the first time and just been your fan. Very great post about Fantasy cricket Dream11. I Will be back often to check up on new stuff which you will post!
    1. Thanks and sure, please check our latest blogs to keep updated!
  8. The article was exceptional! In the meantime, there are excellent details you posted here. Sometimes it is not so easy to design and develop online sports application without custom knowledge; here you need proper development skills and experience. However, the details you mention here would be very much helpful for the beginner.
    1. Yes, you are right, always it is not easy at all to develop an app like fantasy sports apps. And that's the reason we have listed each and everything from cost to development about fantasy cricket apps. Hope you liked our article @Elena.
  9. In our country, cricket is not much famous at all. So, obviously fantasy cricket apps not known with most of the people. But, I would love to play Dream11 app. Well, nice article you have written on Dream11.
    1. Thanks Ecomit, Please keep on eye on other articles too!
  10. Indeed, I am playing fantasy cricket app all day and till now, I win almost $1500. Absolutely money maker app for me.
  11. Well written article about Dream11. I just tried last night and I lost. But, enjoyed a lot. Will try again.
  12. Well the flow of blog looks quite amazing and much informative. With the arrival of IPL, demand for sports betting apps like dream11 has gone beyond the expectation. In this pandemic period, owning such kind of sports betting app like dream11 will be the best ever decision to make millions
    1. That's definitely true and thanks for appreciation, Mathew!
  13. Great blog. Thank you for this information of develop a cricket app like dream11. Keep sharing.
  14. Very good blog on develop an app like Dream11.
  15. Fantasy Sports and fantasy cricket apps really running very good worldwide. Even it is too much famous in here also in Australia.
  16. from my viewpoint, fantasy cricket app like Dream11 is just time-wasting of the current youth and it is really game change and money maker for this kind of game developers.
    1. I can't resist your point. But, we can't ignore the endless possibilities for virtual sports would also.
  17. Great article much informative thanks for sharing it. We also provide same kind of services and I bet you that, this fantasy cricket app and other sports fantasy apps are just revolutionary for earn real value.
  18. Thanks for this informative article. Dream 11 is a really interesting game. But, I just wanted to know, how you can fetch live cricket data and all? Can you please suggest to me the links from where I can get the live score and cricket API? Thank You!!
  19. Very informative blog for beginners who want to start playing dream 11. Dream 11 has become quite popular nowadays. The following steps which are mentioned above are enough to start with this game. I really appreciate for writing a blog on this topic. Great work by the team.
    1. Thanks, Kristina. Really appreciate for the same!
  20. Dream11 kind of project are literally best in recent times when popularity increases over guessing and quick real money game.
  21. Dream11 is really on-high at the moment due to IPL + Corona. But let's not make successive only 1 app. Because there are almost 1000+ competitors who try to play the game even good than Dream11. Let's use the same and make a powerful other app too just like dream11.

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